A new music star has been born. King Avion recently released Bizonto hit and it is currently ruling our airwaves. He told us that he wrote Sheeba Karungi’s Embeela Zo song years back. We revealed his story to us;

Who is King Avion?

Avion King is a Musician and a sensational song writer. He studied Film and is also co currently practicing as a video director as well. Just to take you back, I am the one who wrote songs like Embeela Zo by Sheebah and Brouce melodies. I have also directed a number of videos like Santana Tebalina Romance and many others.

When did you start singing?

I’ve been in music from as way back as i can remember. All my life from church Choirs to school choirs, music is what I’ve been doing. I also do music with passion.

Has been your family supportive?

My family realized that music will shape my future and they did whatever they could to see that I stick on it. They took me to good music schools around Kampala just to see my career grow. They have been supportive from the start.

What has been your saddest time in music?

I believe music only gets sad moments. When one starts doing it for commercial purposes because, well you got to pay for literally everything and you realize that your talent is almost the least requirement.

How different is your music?

My music is Unique because these are real life stories. I tell these stories in a unique perspective that is easily understood without using a lot of Words to complicate and its serious music in a joking way. Bizonto is great example of my music. You can look at it in these two difrent perspectives.

It’s an expression of how the old generation perceives our generation. The way we are undermined in the society and the fact that we can get away with anything because no one takes us serious but again the world could Miss a lot of what we are capable of offering if they give us chance. With a lot going on in the world and being able to do absolutely nothing our mental status is challenged and we cannot fight it but rather accept the fact that we are running mad.

Well, who writes your music?

I write my music and other peoples music

Which artists would love to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with any artist be it a star or not as long as you have a story to tell and I can relate with it. I would be happy to tell it with you with anyone.

What other songs have you released?

In 2020, I released the song ‘Commander in chief’. It was a politically motivated song because of the environment. The song motivated me to get serious because of the way it was received and the feedback. I also did Nzekka this year it was also a social media hit but I had to make Bizonto Video first then I’m to release the Nzeka Video soon.

Away from music, what do you actually do?

I’m a filmmaker in post-production of a project I directed Artin pro produced and it Stars SESA BAT and Brian Powers Byamukma.

How has the internet impacted the music industry?

The internet is the only thing why the industry is surviving right now since mainstream media is people’s business it requires some amount to get that promotion you need.

We are left with the internet as the easy way to reach out to our fans and me personally the internet is making me I’m grateful.

And the sexiest female musician you admire?

Sheebah the G.O.A.T

And the challenges so far?

Been challenged as a performing artist but as a service provider, I think the industry needs to find more ways of monetization so that we the musicians work with satisfied service provide for better execution.

What would wish to change in the music industry?

I would bring back record selling and all this kind of promotion could be resulting into telling fans out there to go buy my latest music.

Next five years….

Next for me is more music now that I have seen people love what I give them I’m going to do it more and more.

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