Who Has Not Conned Ugandans COWE, ACID D9, e-business, aim global, Development Channel

Ugandans wake up to another scam with millions of shillings lost to a too good investment.

Development Channel Director, Charles Nwabuikwu Lambert, A 44-year-old British Nigerian was arrested for the second time by Uganda Police on allegations that he was running away from Uganda.

Development Channel has been running a complex scheme under the guise of a poverty alleviation, the company aimed at empowering Africans with a lifetime payment in a ruse designed to defraud victims located throughout Uganda.

His arrest  was sparked off as a result of a number of unfruitful excuses fed to the angry creditors by the company director hence a consequent response by Jinja Road Police to solve the concern.

Jinja Road Police moved in fast to arrest the Development Channel Director as he planned to flee the country after allegedly conning millions of cash from unsuspecting clients.

In a statement from Kampala Metropolitan Police, they advised Ugandans Sometimes to be careful when something sounds too good to be true, the best option is to always … Run!

Charles Lambert is arrested for a second time in a period of four months on allegations of fleecing money from unsuspecting Ugandans in a grand scam deal.

“He was first arrested on 23rd August 2018 by Kira Road Police as a result of angry employees from various transport companies trying to set ablaze one of the premises owned by Development Channel. And also trying to lynch the Company Director Charles Nwabuikwu faulting him over their unpaid arrears”.

Richard Kimuli Ssenoga the head of transporters told police that, Development Channel had since February 2018 hired a total of 63 PRADO SUVs to ferry various dignitaries around different parts of Uganda promising the owners daily income of 150000/=.

Upon his first arrest Mr. Lambert paid a sum of 17 millions and agreed to pay the remaining balance in a period of 2 months which he failed to adhere to hence accumulating to 213 million Uganda shillings as of today 20th November 2018.

Shock befell the aggrieved clients when they found out that the Bukoto based Developmemt Channel Offices had been closed down and all properties sold out. Its indeed true that thousands of Ugandan citizens had been duped into investing in this scam business.

Sharon Nakkazi 24 a marketeer told police that
she paid a sum of 270$ for a No Drop Out tablet in January 2018 and was promised a guaranteed monthly payment of US$ 100 for the rest of her life however confirmed it had now taken (10) months minus receiving the promised dividends on her account hence opening up a case of obtaining money by false pretenses on SD REF 64/21/09/2018.

In a verbal statement, he stated that his company had been paying off money to old members through the cash injected by new recruits.

Over 200 complainants today flocked different police stations around CBD i.e. Jinja Road Police, Kira Road Police, Katwe Police Station and CPS Kampala requesting for police intervention in the process of recovering their lost monies and proper justice against the people that take advantage of the poverty stricken citizens.

A GEF 07/2018 was opened up at Jinja Road Police Station to investigate the claims by various complainants. This brings it to two general inquiry files opened up against the suspect in a period of four months. Another GEF 30/2018 is still under inquiry at Kira Road Division and other isolated cases at various police stations in Kampala Metropolitan Area.

The suspect is currently detained at Jinja Road Police Station.

As the Christmas Festive Season clocks in
Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire has warned the public against scamming companies saying such investment chain companies collapse whenever they run out of new recruits or when they fail to pay the promised benefits.

Ugandans are happy that current Police leadership has finally arrested him not that one that used to cover up for criminals.

David Akol Malinga says even me and many others have been Conned by this so called Development channel through his agent Onai David and Paul a sum of 850,000/- I’m rushing to CPC Soroti to Open up a Case against the same and his Agents.Scam is written all over him? The face of theft

A marketer tried to get me to invest. But the idea of free flow of money thereafter did not make sense to me as an accountant. I survived this. Thank goodness

Hahahaha let me laugh ugandans never learn…thr is noooo free money or easy money.

Ruth Anyebembera says Ohhhhhhhh my God I wasted money on these stupid things.

Anthony Okot says I have always believed in hard work mingled with hard reasoning to make money! n that’s how I survived these fools who ruined my friends’ pocket.Omg but when will Ugandans learn

Byamaka Musa Leave the Nigerian one simply because Banyauganda like “get rich quick” stuff. The irony is that most of the fleeced one are those you would not expect to be such easy to fall prey!

With a degree worth three and above years of study,how there you think one is so dumb to give you 100$ per month without doing anything and you call it business??!

By the way where are those tycoons of Alliance Global?Mwakalya okugaggawala amangu gyobeera ffe tuliwo kulya nfuufu nga mmwe ne ngalabi zammwe mulina kuzetwetaaga!

Hahahahaha 😂 😂. People don’t learn. People love free money Hahahaha… If God himself said go and toil to earn, why would u believe someone who says, just sit and wait for $100 to be deposited on ur account.

Next is bitcoin…

Kertho Diana When u try to Google about that guy he keeps open diff companies n he closed them after a short period and also Ugandans shud know there is no free money u v to work to earn….how do u buy a product worth 750k n u expect to earn 100$ per month ? Is that realistic!!!!

Rose Nakayiza It still comes back to the gvt ministries. Where did he get d operation licence and does the concerned gvt ministry do monitoring of these quarks?


Debby K Bashabe When someone tells you abt income generating opportunity but u find things like uve to first bring in such amount before u get profits or bring money we give you products to sale, run and run unless uve money to waste fwaaa

Sempagama Ronald K Ryan 3 months back i warned ma friends who had joined this company..told them to be very carefull with investments owned by nigerians..they never listened..can u imagine its our president who officially openned up this investment??..was he scammed too?

Geoffrey Akudrabo Change the name of the company free dollar international the same Ugandans will go to you # when did they sart conning Ugandans! COWE, ACID D9, e-business, aim global etc

Abdallah Ismail Nureen That one is a poor investor. I was shocked yesterday on learning that, Shumuk was given bail on the first day his case was read to him. To my understanding, he was supposed to be remanded for two weeks before applying for the bail but since they are god fathers, he’s free man now. Oh lord save the poor’s





His arrest today was sparked off as a result of
a number of unfruitful excuses fed to the angry creditors by the company director hence a consequent response by Jinja Road Police to solve the concern.



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