BLOODY!!! Ragga Dee Opens War on ‘Greedy’ Bebe Cool


The music industry could soon witness the mother of all beefs between self-styled grandfather of the local singing industry Ragga Dee and Gagamel boss Bebe Cool.


This comes after Ragge Dee; Kampala city mayoral aspirant launched a scorching attack on the ‘Byebyo’ hit maker.

Ragga Dee, a few days back referred to Bebe Cool as very greedy and a hypocrite.

The ‘Ndigida’ singer made these remarks at National theatre last weekend and criticized the manner with which Bebe Cool handled issues regarding the money president Museveni gave to artistes last month.

Ragga Dee went on accuse Bebe of diverting part of the Shs400m to cover hospital bills for his wife who gave birth two weeks back in the US.

He added that even some of the artistes who featured on ’Tubonga Naawe’ song are still demanding for their share although he did not mention names.

Bebe Cool
Bebe Cool

“I am not pleased with how Bebe Cool has handled issues regarding the artist’s money from the President as some of the fellow artists on that project are still claiming for their shares. Have you accounted how much funds Bebe Cool spent for his wife’s maternity fees last week and he is currently in South Africa shooting a video? Bebe Cool should responsibly come out and account for the shares to his fellow artists because it’s officially confirmed that he received the funds from the president’s office.” Ragga Dee is quoted to have said.

Weeks after ‘Tubonga Naawe’ song was released, Ragga Dee claimed to have been the brains behind the project.

Although Bebe has not yet responded to Ragga Dee’s attacks, we are definitely sure the dread locked singer will fire back. Watch the space!!

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