Blow By Blow Account On How Panamera Waiter Was Killed

Desh (L) and the victim (R)

Desh (L) and the victim (R)

The circumstances surrounding Badru Kateregga’ death at Panamera Bar on Sunday morning was not a one man’s show according to a blow by blow account from the eye witness at the scene of crime.

On the fateful night, the workers of Panamera Bar were extremely busy with many customers. Among the customers was one Peter, a specialist in mixing cocktail who has worked at different bars including Cayenne Bar, Club Rouge, Kampala Casino and Panamera itself. The scuffle according to the eyewitness started between Desh and Peter. Peter, a former employee was sacked and told never to hang out at Panamera. At around 2:30am, Desh called his brother Raymond Kananura and told him to tell Peter to leave his bar. After being threatened, Peter left the bar and the guns were turned to Badru Kateregga who had interacted with him that evening. Kateregga whose task was to wash glasses at the bar had spent only 15 days in Kampala. Right away from Mbale, the young and innocent guy (RIP) got a job at Panamera with hopes of working very hard and become a tycoon like Desh but his dreams were buried on Sunday morning. At 3:00am, Kateregga was subjected to thorough checking by Desh and found with Shs10,000 which he had borrowed from his pal Kenneth, a waiter to solve domestic problems. However, Desh thought Kateregga had served Peter booze and kept the money. At Panamera, all tips according to the bar boss of Indian origin, Paren are put in the tip box and counted as income for the bar since the workers are given transport to their homes.

How Kateregga was killed

He was dragged behind the bar and Desh started boxing him like a punching bag as the waiters, security operatives, bouncers and his brother Raymond witnessed. He later used a broom handle and blue water pipe to whip him. The eye witness says, Raymond Kananura and Cyrus, a bouncer at Steak Out who had been hired for a night at Panamera gave hand in hitting Kateregga like a snake. After a thorough beating, he was tied and taken behind Shawama Kitchen.

How Kenneth joined the Mix
Kenneth Kirenzi, the waiter who had given Kateregga Shs10,000 from the Shs40,000 tip he had got from the clients was equally searched and found with Shs30,000. He was asked why he did not declare it to Paren and there was no answer.
Instead of rewinding the 50 CCTV cameras to find out the truth, they started clobbering him like a terrorist. The security officers at the scene, Robert and Onyango joined the bandwagon of beating. Also active in action were Kazeyi, Desh’ clearing agent and one of Desh’ drivers called Matovu. Though Edgar, one of Desh’ relatives did not beat, he was cheering in the background. They undressed Kenneth and searched in his trousers where they found a bank statement with Shs9m yet he had spent only two months at Panamera. Kenneth worked at Boda Boda, Barbeque Lounge and Mish Mash before joining Panamera and possibly he could have earned this much at those bars. According to this witness, he was also taken behind Shawana Kitchen and the old parked van where he found Kateregga crying and groaning like a person with few minutes on Planet Earth. Shortly, Kateregga fell and died. Desh told his henchmen to remove security lights and fetch water to bathe the body, hid it in the pork kitchen and covered it with old tyres. It is in this pork kitchen where the body was recovered by police the following morning. Desh ordered bruised Kenneth, whose eyes were swollen to shower and dance in what the eyewitness referred to as a mafia style of killing people.

Searching of Workers
At 5:00am, Desh ordered Paren to push out the clients and close the bar. He called all the workers and ordered his security officers to search them thoroughly. While they were being searched, Desh asked them ‘do you know what I do for the government?’ “I’m bad man, mafia, no one f**ks around with my money. Do you know why KCCA cannot bring me down, I’m a bad man. I fear only my mom and Museveni but I also don’t fear them so much,” he said in American accent. Indeed in his bar there is a poster reading ‘I’m a bad man’. He dispersed them and ordered his driver to take a seemingly unconscious Kenneth to police and report that he had stolen Shs2m. After reporting the case, they were ordered to take him to the bank and ensure that he withdraws the money.

Police Swings Into Action
However, when Kenneth reached at Kiira Police Station to record a statement, he told police that ‘though I’m badly off, my colleague was killed’. Police swung into action and went to Panamera Bar. They found Raymond and Desh (in shorts) relaxing in the Lounge and asked them whether it was true someone was killed at the bar as the waiter (Kenneth) claimed. They denied of having any knowledge but said being a bar, they don’t account for the clients. Police mounted a search until when they discovered the bruised body which they took to Mulago Mortuary.

Police did not make any effort to have Desh jot down any statement like it’s a norm whenever a person is discovered dead at someone’s premises.
Though police cordoned off the bar structures, they did not bother to arrest the boss of the bar.

Confident Desh just sent an application (asking for a job) of Badru Kateregga through his driver to Police claiming that the deceased was not a worker at the bar but just asked for the job. Ironically, Desh forgot that the deceased was putting on uniform for Panamera workers. This coincided with the fact that he is close to one of the top officers of police.

With the discovery of the body, events changed and Desh’ driver could not take Kenneth to the bank to withdraw money. Kenneth, who had been joined by his colleagues, called his sister to take him for medication. Though Police claimed to have mounted a search for Desh on Monday, he was a very free man on Sunday evening. He was spotted at Kabira Country Club in a secret meeting with two other guys in a dark corner and this gave him ample time to plan and flee the country. Currently, he is believed to be in Dubai.
Meanwhile, the files CRB28/30/2012 and SD28/30/9, 2012 of manslaughter and assault were opened for him at Kiira Road Police Station as they wait for his arrest to take him to court.
Other workers beaten by Desh
Another waiter Bernard Kyaboona was equally thumped and left with a broken arm after finding Shs10,000 in his bag.
Earlier, Moses Baguma, a waiter at the same bar was beaten by Desh and driven to his home in Bukoto and told never to go back to Panamera.
Another barman called Robert was sacked after being flogged by the same man.

More People Beaten By Desh
It was not new for Desh and his brother to beat people at Panamera. On Wednesday, last week Raymond Kananura provoked the potential customers Arnold and Edwin, sons of a solicitor general and was beaten to pulp. The punch he got from Arnold sent him to the ground and the situation was calmed down by the onlookers and security.
Recently Desh beat up Denis Ssempebwa, a city businessman at Magic Parking and torn his clothes. Although Sempebwa rushed to CPS Kampala to report the case, Desh was not arrested.
It is not long when Desh brandished an electric wire from his Jeep with personalised number plate AK47 and caned a juvenile to coma in Luweero.

Who is Desh

Andrew Kansiime Kananura alias Desh is one of Kampala’s socialites, whose life, deals and source of dime has remained a mystery. Though many people think, he is a security operative, he is just a pal to some members of the First Family. He is elusive but his name rings high in the minds of Kampala’s tycoons. Desh was in born in early 1970s in Nsambya to Stella Kagandi Kananura, a banker and Mzee Kananura, who was a top director in the now extinct Shell BB. His father died and his mother is currently in the UK where she has a church. He grew up in Kololo and his family home neighbours included Charles Otti of Covomo Buses, Oryem of Bee Line Buses, Late Col. Smith Apon Ochak, Otema Ali Madi and Wilson Ogwang (both deceased). Having grown up in such a neighbourhood of prominent people from Northern Uganda he was able to learn languages like Acholi, Langi and this has enabled a son of a Mukiga man to dominate business.
He got the name ‘Desh’ from his pals who used to mock him about his light skinned colour, saying he is a crossbreed of the departed Asians from Bangladesh.
His father died in 1992 and this gave him a challenge start working at an early stage in his life. After his ‘A’ Level he went to study in the UK, where he did a series of Kyeyo jobs. He studied during day and worked at night, so as to pay his bills. After his first degree at Barking University (Hearts) UK, he returned to Uganda and came to limelight when he tried motor sport. When he failed to pick in the sport he delved into car business. He came back with a sleek car from the UK and sold it to start business. He went back and brought another car which he sold to get capital. He later started getting money from city tycoons whom he would buy expensive rides from the UK where he had close pals. When the business worked out, he started importing posh cars most of which carried personalised number plates. Among his first swanky rides was a BMW 850i, which had customised number plates ‘4 Desh’.
His name has since become synonymous with the swanky cars in the country. These cars earned him a lot of profits. He has so far sold posh cars to Moses Matsiko of Pinnaco Security Company; Andrew Mwenda of The Independent; Dr. Luu Achinese, proprietor of the LMZ toothpaste; Brig Henry Tumukunde, Tycoon Obadia, Barnabas Taremwa of Mayfair Casino, Tycoon Kitaka of Kitaka Construction Co. Ltd.

Love Life
Though he is a renowned city partier, Desh has so far sired four kids from two women. When he recently introduced his long time Rwandese girlfriend Sheila Talatibu, a mother of two his other lover Barbra, the mother of two who used to work at dfcu Corporate Bank along Acacia Road but now at UNDP left Desh’s home. Desh stays with Sheila in Naguru, Barbra stays in Mbuya. Barbra is the mother first born Agasha Kananura. He used to date a vulnerable gal from a powerful and influential family in the country. However the parents of the gal had an upper hand to choose the man to marry in their family and that’s how the car deal missed out.

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  3. No one is above the law. I really can’t believe he was left to first escape, then after all this time, the search begins. This man has committed the same crime like kato kajjubi, the Kakama killers and any other killer. Let justice be done to him too as we celebrate the 50 years of independence. May Badru’s soul Rest in Peace

    1. his forty days are yet to come and he will also pay in the same currency. you reap what you sow.

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  5. R.I.P Kateraga, So Desh think he is tough beating up poor people, now itz your turn, hunter is being hunted, poor bouncer you will pay for this crime Mbu Uganda is celebrating golden jubilee, but human right abuse is the menu of the day and individuals do it with impunity. It wont be for ever , Nazi war criminals are still being hunted and brought to justice. enjoy while you can

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  12. I hope all those involved have been arrested (Raymond kananura, Cyrus the bouncer, paren, kazeyi, matovu and Edgar). They all can’t have fled the country. Let them be charged in court as the police hunt for Desh. Otherwise if nothing is done, this is proof that the gov’t is protecting these thugs. This is such a terrible and sad story. RIP Badru Katerega. Although vengeance is for the Lord, if nothing is done then we will wait for the next gov’t to take action after all there are no time limits regarding criminal matters. Desh as you claim not to fear anyone why don’t you hand yourself in to the authorities? The police “found raymond and Desh in shorts relaxing in the lounge” while Badru Katerega’s body had been hidden in the pork kitchen and covered with tyres. These animals should be in Luzira and off the streets for good. May Badru’s soul Rest in Peace and God/Allah strengthen his family and loved ones.

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