Bobi Wine Supporters Kiwanuka And Kagabane Live In Fear for Their Lives

By Our Reporter

Being a supporter of former presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, who is the National Unity Platform (NUP) Principal, is now a crime in Uganda.
Many Bobi Wine supporters and NUP members have in the recent past been abducted and tortured, others killed in questionable accidents, many of them languishing in jails and safe houses across the country, while hundreds others are missing and efforts by their relatives to trace them have proved futile.

Fresh information coming in indicates that as result of this, many of youth perceived to be leaning to NUP or other opposition political parties have since resorted to living in hiding to avoid being abducted and tortured by security forces, while others have fled into self-exile, like author Kakwenza Rukirabasaija, former Simba FM presenter Michael Kakande aka Kapalaga, journalist William Ntege aka Kyuma Kya Yesu, activist Stella Nyanzi among others.
Sources within the party reveal that Kiwanuka Farid Kikati and his wife Kagabane Aisha, are some the NUP members who are currently living in hiding for fear of their lives.

The two, who were residents of Zzana, a Kampala suburb, are said to have fled into hiding around March this year, after several of their fellow NUP supporters being abducted by armed men in infamous vans commonly known as Drones.
Sources close to the couple reveal that Kiwanuka and Kagabane, who participated in Bobi Wine’s presidential campaigns and publicly expressed their support for him, went into hiding after being tipped off that they were being trailed by armed security operatives who wanted to abduct them.
It is said that they were forced to abandon their home and children in Zzana Kikumbi zone with relatives such that they could flee into safety.

Around 2020, Kiwanuka and Kagabane got involved with the people power movement that later transitioned into the current National Unity Platform (NUP) which is led by Kyagulanyi aka Bobi wine . Since then problems started in their lives and business. During the 2020 presidential elections they got arrested several times for being part of Bobi wine’s campaign rallies and other party members , although they were often bailed out by the party’s lawyers together with other NUP supporters .
To date, nothing has been heard of from them, their family members do not know whether they are safe or not and all efforts to contact them have not yielded any results because their phones went silent.

Sources with in the party reveal that Kiwanuka who was a former UMEME official and his wife Kagabane Aisha are NUP members who were doing serious business and were funding some of the party activities.
But it should be noted that several supporters of Bobi Wine continue to disappear or get abducted, others are rotting in various prisons and detention centres across the country, and many have been recovered dead after days of abduction, yet all investigations into these cases have not yielded any results or led to the arrest of the perpetrators of this torture.

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