Boda-Boda cyclists decry hunger, torture by security authorities amid COVID-19 pandemic

Bodaboda riders at the RDC office in Sheema

Bodaboda riders at the RDC office in Sheema

SHEEMA – There was chaos in Kabwohe town as Boda-boda riders in Sheema municipality on Friday stormed the Sheema district RDC’s office in demand of food for COVID-19.

The bodaboda riders stormed the office of RDC Kyerere demanding for food and threatened to go back to work if there is no food for them.

The boda-boda riders, led by their chairman Charles Kasapuri informed RDC Kyerere that they usually see leaders and well-wishers donating food items to help vulnerable people but to their surprise, they have never seen any from the RDC.

Kasapuri said that Sheema leaders should give them food since they have entirely depending on bikes saying that since the lockdown started.

“These people haven’t been working yet we used to depend on these bikes for our daily bread and now we are just there and our families need to live,” said Kasapuri.

They assured the RDC that if he can’t help them by giving them food and beans, he should give them permission to demonstrate and storm offices of Sheema district political leaders, especially members of parliament.

These angry riders also reported to RDC Kyereere to discipline his security people whom they accuse of torturing them and take away their money.

“Please RDC, your security men in UPDF and police attires usually ambush us along the way especially along feeder roads and torture us in addition to even taking our money,” they said.

Some of the roads used by people in uniform to torture these bodaboda people are Masheruka road and Kabwohe-Bugongi road.

However this forced RDC Kyereere asked the boda-boda riders to register their names and phone contacts promising them that in case he gets food, he will give it to them.

Kyerere asked them to obey presidential directives on COVID-19, saying that some have already started disobeying them by carrying passengers and riding during curfew hours.

“You need to know that it is very important to observe all the guidelines put in place by the president and the ministry of health,” said Kyerere.

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