Bolt online driver attempts to fleece client with dubious fares

KAMPALA – As a saying goes by, ‘the days of a thief are 41’ these reached a few days ago to a Ugandan online car transporter of Bolt app while driving a wish motor vehicle Reg No. UBD 437H, tagged under names of Mulumba as a driver.

According to a client (Names withheld), used the Bolt online car app while at a former Vintage bar in Najjera going to Kyaliwajala near the roundabout and the app displayed UgX 130,000=. He was however shocked upon boarding the car when the driver told him to cancel the app and he would be charged UgX 20,000= because the fares on the app won’t match with the journey.

When asked why, the driver (Mulumba) answered saying that because of high prices of fuel the fares have changed. And on this point, the client demanded him to stop as they had moved just a few meters.

This however prompted the driver to drive at a breakneck speed to the nearest Police post. However things didn’t go well with him as he was almost arrested by police when the client explained the ordeal of what transpired before and after boarding the car.

‘’This driver was interrogated and later freed by police warning him not to ever do such to clients because his services are guaranteed by the guidelines on the same app he uses to get those clients. They further advised to quit the job rather than doing fraudulent games in the disguise of transportation using Bolt app’’, a source at Police told this website.

Speaking with this publication after the incident, Bolt’s client said he was left frustrated though he opted for a special higher. He however faulted these online platforms and wondered how someone would be doing such acts of fraud in disguise of transporting people.

‘’I might not be the first person to fall victim. There could be other Ugandans who might have been in the same shit. I urge relevant authorities and the government in general to swing in action and iron out these wrong-doers because they are giving a bad image to the country’’, added the frustrated client.

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