BREAKING: MP Abiriga Shot Dead

Arua Municipality Member of Parliament, Ibrahim Abiriga has been shot DEAD.

According to eye witnesses, Abiriga was shot while driving his car, a yellow Volkswagen together with his bodyguard. Both died at the scene. Their bodies could be seen in eye witness pictures from the scene.

See Video from the scene.

Witnesses say the shooters were on a boda while others say they walked to the slow moving yellow car and pelted it with bullets.

From  early pictures from the scene, the car swerved and knocked something from the front before coming to a stop infront of a fruits stall.

Security sources confirmed the killing with one senior official calling it an assassination.

The killing happened in Kawanda, north of Kampala where the MP reportedly has a home.


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12 thoughts on “BREAKING: MP Abiriga Shot Dead

  1. it’s high time the government wakes up and deploys updf in every corner of kampala and its surrounding to tustle it out with those killings

  2. Many Ugandans have lost life because of yellow party and many others are suffering because of it. Harvesting the likes of Abiliga, Magezi, Muhanga, Baryomunsi et al is among the best ways to put their concerns on agenda.

  3. Abiriga rest in peace. But I think that is not the possible means to solve political diffirences

  4. Political Assassins Are Coming up in Uganda again but I want say,”U Idiots,leaders are choosen by GOD. Though U Kill Him U Will Never Become One”. RIP OUR CARDA “ABIRIGA”

  5. It’s so scaring. Murder, kidnap and human trafficking has become order of the the day. Government should do something. Uganda has become a war zone where every one is Mafia.
    We shall be Abiriga so dearly. RIP.

  6. Rip.hon abiriga..silent killer. Coldblood killer. dont smile becz the creator of eyes and ears is awake..and u are not also safe..

  7. It is increasingly getting clear that Uganda needs a national dialogue. There is so much anger. Moreover given our open boarder policy it is meaningless to even talk of “Ugandans”. Criminals can come in and go out of the country as they wish. Solutions to Uganda’s problems are in the custody of Ugandans ..only they could talk to each other.

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