Red Pepper, Daily Monitor Besieged Over Tinyefuza Letter

Cops storm Red Pepper Offices.
Cops storm Red Pepper Offices.

Heavily armed members of the Uganda Police who on Monday morning surrounded the offices of The Mighty Red Pepper in Namanve and Nation Media  in Namuwongo which houses the Daily Monitor, a local news paper over the General Sejjusa saga still hold the premises under siege.

Our Head office in Namanve  is a crime scene
Our Head office in Namanve is a crime scene

The Daily Monitor published a controversial letter written by maverick General David Sejusa better known as Tinyefuza.

Red Pepper and Daily Monitor employees are not allowed to leave the premises and no one is allowed in and as you read this business at the Red Pepper offices has been halted.

Police has sealed off the premise and yellow tapes that dot a crime scene can be seen around the perimeter wall of the Red Pepper offices in Namanve.

Our usual reliable intelligence information tells us that the Red Pepper siege by Uganda Police and a host of other operatives will last for two weeks.

Meanwhile, local radio stations, KFM, Dembe Fm, all belonging to the Nation Media group have been switched off.


Anti Riot Police officers out side Red Pepper offices
Anti Riot Police officers out side Red Pepper offices

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35 thoughts on “Red Pepper, Daily Monitor Besieged Over Tinyefuza Letter

  1. Mr. M7, America is quiet but its watching you. America and Europe know Ugandans are tired of M7. It seems the Muhoozi project is real and M7 is trying to cover it up by terrorizing Sejusi and monitor because he’s been unable to convince Ugandans its false. Be warned M7 when you begin killing Ugandans for practicing freedom of press or speech, America will hunt you down. M7 you will be the reason they’ll be a war in Uganda, the international community, especially America will be hard on you because you are hard on Ugandans. If I were you M7 I’d retire and let another Ugandan who isn’t your relative or friend run for president of UG.

    1. Mzee M7 don’t worry. You are America’s stooge and as such you won’t be let down. When push comes to shove, Barack Obama will ask Somalia to give you asylum!

      1. As an American, I’m sure M7 isn’t America’s stooge. Infact most Americans including Obama and his administration hate M7 because he is a dictator. So Obama won’t be doing any favors for M7.

        1. I didn’t know forcing someone to seek asylum in Somalia would be a favour!

        2. Mr Americano, do you really think Cpt America is going to come and save the day ? You need to read your Int’l Politics before you make any comment on the topic, the west does not give a rats a** about 3rd existence so long as theres someone to take their orders. ‘as an American’ ..hahahah

          1. Kiyenje, I know my international politics better than you think that’s why I wrote that comment. Your statement is same thing that was said about gadafi. Gadafi didn’t expect America to help his citizens who were crying out for help when gadafi was killing his own people.

    2. Why are you people so obsessed with America & Europe? If you are tired of Museveni, just vote him out. Otherwise you will remain the cowards who hide behind pseudo names writing comments online just to please your own eyes/ears!

      1. I’m American. If you knew Uganda’s politics you wouldn’t have said that. Anyone who is aware of UG politics knows elections are rigged by M7. M7 has been president for over 20 years and has said the only way anyone will overthrow him is if they kill him first, he wants to be president for life or make one one of his sons president.

        1. …yo very right Kitufu …i dont knw y ugandns take long to see the truth mmmh …am aproud ugandan too….

    3. tired of ugandans whose only source of salvation is in america and europe. cant you fight for yourselves?

      1. I’m an American, so say that to the Ugandans. America and Europe get involved in Uganda’s fights when Uganda asks for help. I’m assuming you’d help someone who asks you for help because they are worried their lives are in danger and they have done everything they could to help themselves. Or would you rather watch many die after they ask you for help? By the time one asks for help they’ve tried to fight for themselves and it didn’t work.

    4. Forget about America and Europe they are also on crossroads with their own political problems, as we speak today the white house is in the crisis of three major scandals, watch what you say.. every country has its own so solve your own don’t look for savior from oversea,,

      1. I’m American. I watch what I say and know American and international politics. Despite the political problems and scandals going on, America has never said no to a country that asked it for help.

    5. Dear friend America and the so called Europe can do nothing since M7 is darling to them. He is the one who fulfill some of the plans they are implementing like in Somalia and Congo. So dear dont cry to the Americans and her friends, just organise your self like it was in the Arab corners.

      1. I’m American. M7 has never been America’s or Europe’s darling because we despise M7 for being a dictator.

  2. Is that the freedom of press that the government has been talking about all tyhe time?

  3. Kayihura, Museveni and Muhoozi are worse than Amin’s regime of the 1970s in militarism rule.

  4. Who ever knew that Gaddafi w’d be killed like a chicken thief?.
    The next person will be Museveni and Muhoozi.

  5. There are 2 many problems in Uganda, why? Is it becoz our leaders do not know how to solve them? They only mind about their stomachs. Please sit down and solve these problems b4 it becomes worst.

  6. It’s the first time in my life to hear Jounarist

    seized by police!!!!!!!!!!!what a failure

  7. @VunaMemphis your comment to me hasn’t been approved but I read it. I’m American through my parents’ DNA. So say that to Ugandans, not me. Also there’s nothing wrong with UG civilians asking America or Europe for help if its needed.

  8. @wandyamoyo Kate your comment to me hasn’t been approved but I read it. I’m American through my parents’ DNA. So say that to Ugandans, not me. Also there’s nothing wrong with UG civilians asking America or Europe for help if its needed. M7 has been president of Uganda for over 30 years, he rigs elections. As you have seen what’s happening at monitor apparently there’s no freedom of press or speech in Uganda.

  9. As soon as redpepper approves your replies to me, I’ll reply under each comment.

  10. Instead of arresting hard core criminals, they are now inveding media houses!!
    Indeed a failed state, which has failed to provide medicines in health centres, failed to elect local leaders at Lcs 1&2 for ten years, roads in sorry state, failed to fight corruption, refferal hospitals dilapidated to mention but a few!!
    The mbabazi,s cannot see all this mess and leave Ugandans!! You will be forced out and follow Kaddafi, Mubarak etc, stand warned!!

  11. I regret being a Ugandan under M7 and NRM party rule!!I am becoming a Kenyan or migrate to Tanzania!Uganda is a shame in East Africa!!Most of our neighboring countries:Tanzania,Kenya and (possibly Rwanda)have peaceful transition of power!!M7 is now the longest serving president around!What the heck is wrong with him stepping down and letting others rule?Shame!Shame on you NRM and M7!!

  12. I actually do not know where this man will go when his time comes to go, and all his workmates.

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