Britain’s PM May gives up crisps for Lent

Britain’s PM May gives up crisps for Lent

British Prime Minister Theresa May, who is not known for her self-indulgence, has revealed she will be giving up crisps in the run-up to Easter — a period called Lent when many Christians fast or give up luxuries.

Lent, which began last Wednesday, commemorates the 40 days Jesus spent fasting in the desert preparing for his ministry. May, a vicar’s daughter, is a regular church goer.

Christians are encouraged to give up one of their favorite food and drinks and to dedicate their lives to prayer and caring for the less fortunate.

Many give up alcohol, some give up pork, other beef and other give up sex for the 40 days.

Crisps, known as potato chips around the world and often high in salt and saturated fat, are a staple snack in Britain.

“The prime minister will be giving up for Lent: crisps,” her spokesman told reporters, adding that May’s favorite flavor was salt and vinegar.

He was unable to say how many packets of crisps the prime minister consumes in a typical day.


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