Broke Bebe Cool Begs For 10K From Amnesia Manager

Bebe Cool

He brags about having a beautiful woman, owning a hammer, but all seems not to be well in the pockets of singer Bebe Cool according to recent reports from the club Amnesia.

Bebe Cool
Bebe Cool

On Thursday morning, DJ Nimrod, one of the pioneer Deejays at Amnesia uncovered the bitter truth surrounding Bebe cool and his stay at the Jinja Road based Club Amnesia.

In a post he made on Facebook, Nimrod shocked the nation when he revealed that  singer Bebe Cool borrowed 10K from Amnesia manager and has never paid his debt.

The rants erupted when Bebe allegedly made accusations that Amnesia management with claims that they did not pay him.

“You even borrowed 10k from the manager and he wants it,”  Nimrod said while unearthing Bebe vices.

The verbal war broke out when club Amnesia terminated Bebe’s contract of appearing at the club every week for yet to be identified reasons.

“Bebe Cool, u going to Laftaz and telling people that Amnesia wasn’t paying you was ‘inadequate’. Now I agree with Ziza Bafana Dyebbie who said u create wars with almost everyone. Amnesia has been Ur home for 2 years, u have unpaid receipts there, u drink free there, u eat free food there, and on top of that were being paid fully,” Nimrod posted.

Apparently, before Bebe left, the management has been considering giving a Uniform pay since he had turned into an employee at the hangout.

According to disgruntled personalities at Amnesia, Bebe cool used to have free drinks which frustrated the club’s economic status with unending losses.

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