Former NUP Candidate, Joshua Mutabaazi welcomed to NRM Camp by PM Nabbanja. (COURTESY PHOTO)

KISORO – Joshua Mutabaazi, the nineteen-year old National Unity Platform stalwart whose candidature was withdrawn by the party in favour of FDC candidate for Bukimbiri constituency position has crossed to the ruling party

Mutabaazi was nominated as a flag bearer for NUP last week to stand as Member of parliament for Bukimbiri in the ongoing by- election but a few days later the party forced him to pull out of the race and join FDC’s James Owebeyi.

However, the young man together with his group has crossed to the National Resistance Movement camp headed by the Prime Minister, Robinnah Nabbanja while conducting their final rally today. 

Mutabaazi has openly campaigned for Eddie Kwizera (NRM) at Nkuringo town council. 

Mutabaazi was disappointed with the NUP leadership in Kampala who instead of motivating him just bothered his campaign, a sign that the party has no future.

“Madam Prime minister I am not alone,   I have come with a group of youth also willing to serve this government in case you allow them.” Mutabaazi noted before introducing a group of youths close to one hundred.

The party’s Secretary general, Richard Twodwong welcomed Mutabaazi and the team before advising him to follow the proper procedures of registering and become a bonifide member of NRM.

Nabbanja has appealed to other opposition members at Kisoro to follow Mutabaazi wasting their time crying in the opposition. 

“NRM party welcomes everyone, please be free if you feel not contended where you are, we are ready to receive you,” Nabbanja noted.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, while appearing on the ‘capital gang’ Joel Ssenyonyi noted that the party took the decision to withdraw Mutabaazi’s candidature to strengthen the agreement signed between NUP and FDC recently. 

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