Bushenyi pigs ‘wing-ding’ as Kabagarame Market is closed over COVID-19

By Grace Turyatunga

Bushenyi – Bushenyi kagodo are jubilating and celebrating after Mr. William Makune Abwooli, Senior Assistant Town Clerk-Central Division in Bushenyi-Ishaka Municipal Council issued a statement today Thursday, March 19, for the closure of chilling spot Kabagarame week pork market.

This has come barely 24 hours since the Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni declared the closure of all public places that accommodate large numbers of people to avoid the spread of the deadly COVID-19.

The town clerk has, however, requested the Assistant Animal Husbandry Officer and chairperson of Kabagarame Piggery Butcheries Association to ensure compliance and this has left the pigs celebrating since they have earned themselves a one-month quarantine break.

“You are directed to ensure that this directive is implemented to the letter,” read the statement.

Kabagarame Pork Market which operates once a week is a very interesting and innovative community initiative which has the potential to be a community tourism destination.

The market only opens on Saturday with over 5,000 people turning up every Saturday to just eat pork and catch up.

A maximum of two pigs weighing 20-40 kgs are killed on a normal Saturday but the number can even go to four when it is peak season between May and July because of the coffee boom around that time of the year and of course during the Christmas season. Each pig costs between sh200,000 to shs 400,000.

A kilogram of pork at Kabagarame goes for UGX12,000 with all its spices and ready to eat, matooke is for UGX 2000, kilogram (mingled millet) for UGX 2000 as well. A soda goes for UGX 1500, a beer at UGX 3000 whereas a litre of local brew known as tonto goes for UGX 4000 and this one is served in Uganda Waragi bottles.

Kabagarame is located in Ruharo ward, Central Divison Bushenyi-Ishaka Municipality in Bushenyi District.

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