Busoga Chiefs Push for Return of Royal Sites

Imaali cultural hill of Busoga

Busoga royal chiefs have renewed calls for the return of their cultural and royal sites.  Some of the royal sites include the Source of the Nile, Nenda, Kazimbula and the controversial Igenge and Mpumwiire hills. 

Imaali cultural hill of Busoga
Imaali cultural hill of Busoga

Prince Patrick Izimba Gologolo, the chief of Kigulu chiefdom says the cultural and royal sites must be gazetted and returned to the kingdom. He says the failure to return the cultural sites is responsible for their immense depletion.

He blasts government for entrusting the management of the cultural and royal sites with Uganda Tourism Board under the Ministry of Tourism, which he says has neglected them.

Gologolo says they will continue pestering government to return the cultural and royal sites under their care to protect them from depletion.

John Ntale Nanhumba, the chief of Bunhole says their desire to build a glorious kingdom may be difficult if the royal sites are under the central and district local governments.

Yasin Waguma Ntembe, the chief of Butembe says they intend to consult an attorney on how to reclaim the properties to avoid conflicts with government.

Andrew Ntange, the Busoga kingdom interim committee spokesperson says the push for the return of their assets is part of their campaign to start rebuilding the monarchy.

He says they intend to start sensitizing community and school children on the importance of conserving the cultural sites.

But Grace Aulo, a Director in the Ministry of Tourism says it is difficult for government to commit its self on handing over the sites as some of them are international tourist’s attractions.

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