BUTALEJA: EC bans Besigye Aides from Area

EC Boss Badru Kigundu

Badru Kigundu
Badru Kigundu

The electoral commission in the wake of the upcoming Butaleja by elections, has barred four FDC Officials  From accessing the areas, these include , Ingrid Turinawe, Sam Mugumya, Mwijukye Francis, Michael Kabaziguruka and Amin Sadic  the Electoral commission accuses the four officials of Election Violence and claims to have taken the move in order to prevent such violence in the Butaleja  District woman Mp  by election, that has pitted  Felistas Namwihiri, the FDC flag bearer, Betty Hamba, Sarah Annet Logose, and Munaba Perusi all independents.

The Butaleja seat fell vacant on the death of Vocal NRM legislator Cerinah Nebanda, and saw the National Dragged into  A political Tag of war as Parliament and the executive  traded accusations.

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  1. Badru Kigundu please treat the Butaleja Problem from the Prima Causa by Kicking out Police From the Area since are having the upper hand in causing the problems by arresting innocent citizens.

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