Byanyima Undressed On Social Media Over Presidency Claim


Byanyima Undressed On Social Media Over Presidency Claim

By Serestino Tusingwire

The Executive Director of Oxfam International, Winnie Byanyima has been blasted on social media over claims that she is ready to take on the presidency.

Byanyima, 57, made this claim on Saturday while talking to journalists.

Byanyima who is also a wife to opposition icon Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye clearly stated that she feels the ability to lead Uganda when given an opportunity.

“I now know that I can do it, absolutely!! I have the ability or even a passion to change our country,” she said before adding that, “So if one day there is an opportunity and there is a team I believe in that shares my vision that wants me to lead it, I will rise.”

However, our readers did not welcome the move as they blasted her immediately saying Uganda’s presidency is not a family affair.

They said the fact that her husband Besigye has failed in all the four attempts should not mean that she has to take over, ‘other Ugandans are also capable.’

Here are the reactions;

Frank Aruho I know you can stand but you won’t be better than your husband. You make it a family affair haha… Ugandans can be used at anything. Will you contest along with your husbands because they seem not to go anywhere soon.

Bandeko Keshokuta She will make a brilliant president for sure, however, in Uganda, she will be stripped naked should she dare and Ugandans have seen enough of women’s genitals hanging all over the 4×4 Pick-up trucks.

Zadismas Crispus You doesn’t look ready 4 tear gas.

Draga Luiji This comedy is in your family hahaa, i mean you and your husband by the way stop making comedy on Ugandan problems

Akugizibwe Edwin A contest involving you, your Ex and your Current would certainly be fun!

Isach Seasan I Doubt Whether State House Will Ever Be Owned By That Confused Family Of .,,,..

Dunlop Agaba Sweet Dreams madam byanyima

Nanyumba Nulu let her don’t bother.., we are tired of their comedy

Ssali L Ibrah I can never vote for u. Do u think presidency is like cultural stuff
Bino sibyasikilano sorry? I like Besigye but not u

Shamil Settimba i think Byanyima also has legs and has a son in a university .why of all can’t see use her son & herself than misleading Ugandans, & more so this is not a monarchy go and govern your family stupid

Kagimu Yusuf Banyankole kweterena cooperative union wants to hold Uganda hostage for 50 years

Saleh Ongwen Are you confirming that indeed your husband has been loosing in the elections and you can do better than him? If not then you must be day dreaming and making fun of your family. Leave us to suffer peacefully .

Abie Mugisha After Akena’z scandal caused by your brother???? Wat do u expect voting u,,,& uo regime becomes full of kanyamunyuz to finish us….Forget about being the president please.

Mugisa Tom Jackson Winne there is no difference btn fdc and nrm,both of them are greedy and triblelistic atree which an axe has fail to cut down will never be brought down by a panger so winne dont wast your time.

Isiko Peace John If Uganda was France or USA, her presidency would have come to life, but in this Uganda where she was a co-wife to the first lady, it’d take a miracle for her to be president…!!!

Orumukuma Wod P’arangi Where? Its bad to daydream at ur age. It becomes hallucination and since ur hubby is known for weird actions, it won’t be a surprise if u also use LSD.

Adupa Robert Are they the only one with the bison? I think she dose not know what to do with her money or she is sent by museveni to spoil the vote.

Owiny Olive Keep dreaming and don’t wake up #winnie

Elonei Mamre Ur doomed just like ur hubby 😂💦😂💦

Mucasa Kristoffer I canot vote for you… Winnie

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