Bye Europe’s Powerful Lady,Angela Merkel, Gets Successor After 18 Years


After 18 years of success under the leadership of Chancellor Angela Merkel, the delegates of the Christian Democratic Union will elect this Friday, 7 December 2018, in Hamburg, the new president of the party, the one who will take responsibility to preside over the destiny of the party and Germany.

During the last month, the three main candidates for the succession of the chancellor travelled to Germany, making themselves known and presenting their visions for the party during eight regional conferences they had animated.

This often requires that they move into larger spaces, seeing the number of participants in these meetings.

Some 14 activists took part in these meetings and more than 200 people viewed them live. It was a particularly transparent and democratic process.

The Christian Democratic Union of Germany is a Christian democratic and liberal-conservative political party in Germany. It is the major catch-all party of the centre-right in German politics ofChristian democratic parties ·

Merkel, 64, is quitting the helm of her conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) after a series of poll setbacks rooted in controversy over her liberal refugee policy.

“I’m very grateful that I could be party chairwoman for 18 years – it is a very, very long time and the CDU of course had its ups and downs,” Merkel said as she arrived at the conference venue in Hamburg.

“But we won four national elections together… and I am happy I can remain chancellor.”

Merkel has led Germany since 2005, and moved the party and country steadily toward the political centre. More generous family leave, an exit from nuclear power and an end to military conscription were among her signature policies.

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