Certificates of Equity A Pre-requisite – Kadaga

The Speaker of Parliament has reassured Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) of the support of Parliament in ensuring an equitable society that recognizes their contribution to national development.

kadaga ali
Speaking to a delegation of members from the National Associations of the Deaf from Malawi, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Uganda, at Parliament on Wednesday 6th May, Rt. Hon. Kadaga said the August House will provide benchmarks for other organisations to provide facilities suitable for PWDs.
She also announced that all government departments will soon be required to secure a certificate for compliance to the rights of PWD.
“It is a pre-requisite that all Ministries and government departments produce a Certificate of Equity before their activities are approved. As Government we should make sure that all institutions should hold Certificate of Equity,” Speaker Kadaga stressed.
The Speaker however decried the failure by government to provide special walk ways and recognition of PWDs on the main streets of the Kampala.
Ms Juliana Mwase the Advocacy Committee Chairperson for the Malawi National Association of the deaf, said she was glad that she was able to visit an institution like Parliament without hindrance.
“In Malawi we cannot even walk into Parliament and talk to the Speaker. We are indeed very grateful that you have spared time to meet with us. We are grateful to Hon. Ndeezi for explaining to us the PWD facilities at Parliament,” she said.
Mwase said she was grateful that law on driving permits for PWDs included the deaf, and that they had five representatives in Parliament in Uganda.
“Back home in Malawi we only have one Member of Parliament. Uganda is far ahead and I hope that we can go back home and improve the way PWDs are treated,” Mwase added.
The delegation is in Uganda to benchmark and study progress registered by PWDs.

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