Chameleone Gets Vocal Competitor


With King Saha accomplishing what many seemed impossible against the mighty Mozey Radio’s voice comparison, there is another super talent that will give Dr. Jose Chameleone sleepless nights in the near future.


This year has seen the rise of young and talented singer Denis Bitone commonly known as Dim Denis who has a similar voice as Jose Chameleone and has super vocals that makes him the ultimate challenger.

This singer joined the music industry as a songwriter and gospel artist two years ago.

But following his remake of Nga Bwewakolanga song with late Elly Wamala’s daughter Fiona Wamala, his fortunes turned around.

Bitone is now signed to the london based talent management company and his Nga Bwewakolanga song has received massive power play on all local stations and clubs.

Bitone is being compared to Uganda’s number one music artist Jose Chameleone’s vocal ability with many predicting him to be the next big thing.

“I am not here to fight those before me; I am here to serve music lovers at the very top.”

He has songs like Nasanga and Talimba with pastor Kiyinji.

He has also written hit songs for Julie Mutesasila, Big eye and Fyonna Nsubuga.

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