Chameleone Snatches Married Woman In Bar, Arrested

Jose Chameleone

Celebrated Ugandan singer Jose Chameleone’s problems seem not to be ending soon with the latest being involved in a bar fight over a married woman.

Jose Chameleone
Jose Chameleone

The self proclaimed singing doctor spent the better part of his Sunday night at Kabalagala police station coolers after fighting with city dude Vincent Luyinda alias Saiga over his wife.

It is reported on Sunday Night while at Kabalagala based Club Venom the Wale Wale singer thumped Luyinda while trying to snatch the latter’s wife.

Sources at Kabalagala police station revealed that at about midnight Luyinda stormed the bar with his wife.

Upon seeing the yummy and sexy babe, the already salivating and yearning Chameleone sent one of his body guards to bring the juicy babe but she refused.

It is also reported that Chameleone got angry together with his bouncers, descended on Luyinda and the thumped him to pulp.

A source added that the singer also bundled the helpless Luyinda into his car and drove him to Kabalagala Police station where he claimed that Luyinda stole his passport.

However what puzzled the officers was how the singer could move with a passport to the bar and they were all briefly detained in cells and in the morning released on police bond.

Police has pressed assault charges against Chameleone and theft against Luyinda as investigations continue under file Number 08/20/4/2015 of Kabalagala police station.

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