Chris Evans Dumped By Lover

Chris Evans

Love tears are gushing out of singer Chris Evans’ eyes like el Nino after he was dumped by his longtime bonkmate Jamirah Karungi.

Chris Evans
Chris Evans

Our sources have also revealed the Chris Evans is restless like a cow that is on heat as he moves up and down begging the love of his life to return.

Jamirah Karungi who is an actress in a local drama ‘Zubairu’ is believed to have hooked a yet to be identified city tycoon who is making her run riot by showing her with endless and expensive gifts.

Sources have also revealed that the delay by Chris to legally introduce her may be the root cause of her quitting their two year old relationship.

Chris Evans and Jamirah Karungi hooked up in 2012 and they have been living as man and wife.

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