Cindy Causes Whopper Riots at Zzina Awards


While turning up for the Zzina Awards at Theatre La Bonita on Friday night, various men never knew they would leave the venue while pocketing-thanks to sexy singer Cindy Sanyu.


She arrived at the venue later in the night clad in a long dress that left several people shocked since they always expect a skimpy outfit.

However, when called to the stage for the performance, the real Cindy turned up in thigh-revealing shorts that left nothing to imagine about her thighs.

Along with other two equally hot and fleshy dancers, Cindy put up a powerful performance of her latest single Zalawo but all the attention seems to have been channeled to her ripe-looking thighs.

With various men in attendance, they had their temperatures altered involuntarily as they gaped to view her sexy body in HD.

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