Cindy, Mario In Child Custody Battle

Ex Blue 3 singer Cindy Sanyu and Cayenne Restaurant and Lounge proprietor were on Monday seen at Kabalagala Police Station battling each other on who will have the custody of their five year old child Amani.


Cindy further accused her ex lover Mario of not taking care and attempting to steal the child.

“He wants to steal my child and take her to Italy his home country,” charged Cindy.

Knowing that Mario might take the child to Italy, Cindy rejected a proposal that Mario should be with the child of only three days a week.

In the past few months, Cindy and Mario ended their 10 year relationship because of infidelity.

Cindy later snatched Phina Mugerwa’s man known as Kenneth Muyisa and they all accept that they are madly in love.

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3 thoughts on “Cindy, Mario In Child Custody Battle

  1. If it was down to me, I’d definitely give custody to Mario. Cindy clearly has less time for this kid. One minute she’s jumping in bed with Fina masanyalazes man, the other minute she’s on stage exposing blood stained under wear. She has not displayed any mannerism of a mother who is out to act as a good role model not only to her daughter, but to so many other young girls that look up to her. On the flip side, Mario has remained calm, collected and composed , since their break up. The only thing he has since complained about, is the stale sex that Cindy always served him. Mario is playing saint while the black Cindy is playing the devil, on that basis, I’d happily accord custody to the saint

  2. Wow! good observation, Kasolo you really took your time. I think whenever she has a show you have to get a front seat with an intention of seeing her stained under wears.

    1. Sylvia , Cindy’s blood stained undies was on the front pages of almost all tabloids in East and central Africa, southern Sudan inclusive. Unfortunately because I live in a village far away from Kampala, where she hosts most of her shows, I’ve never had the chance to travel to kampala to see her preform live on stage. My Observation is fair, independent and based on both moral and legal norms

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