City Council to Meet Over Park Yard Demolition Saga

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City Council to Meet Over Park Yard Demolition Saga

By Serestino Tusingwire

Kampala City council is expected to meet this morning to discuss about Kamya’s directive chasing away the traders from park yard market.

According to the lord mayor, Erias Lukwago, him and council members are set to fight hard and make sure the directive is reversed.


“We are doing our best to challenge the directive and I have called for a council meeting at 10am to review that decision and take drastic measures against the minister,” Lukwago said.

It should be noted that on the 7th February, Kamya issued the directive through Council, giving the traders 30 days to vacate. However, the demolition has started ten days before the deadline.

Lukwago has therefore questioned the motive behind the many redevelopments in the city calling it a ploy by the government to grab land.

“This is just a matter of land grabbing, just like the commission of inquiry that has been set up to probe land matters in Uganda, Museveni and his government are all out to grab land,” Lukwago said.

Meanwhile, Traders at park yard market are crestfallen following the early morning demolition exercise.

Many had to leave the comfort of their homes at 2 am after receiving phone calls from friends informing them of the impending demolition exercise, which started two hours later.

They braved the heavy downpour in attempts to salvage whatever they could from their stalls, which are now sitting in a pile of rubble.

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