City tycoons want to unhook Iryn

Ugandan DIVA Iryn Namubiru

Waterfront beach boss who also owns Fusion band where Iryn works has stepped in to help they City Diva come out of prison. Another tycoon who has pledged $1000 for lawyers’ facilitation is BMK.

Ugandan DIVA Iryn Namubiru
Ugandan DIVA Iryn Namubiru

Iryn was arrested last week at Narita International Airport in Tokyo with MDMA drug and is to be taken to court on May 25th.

Sources say that Iryn has been assigned a lawyer; Yuko Matsumoto to represent her in the trial. Thaddeus Mubiru who is Iryn’s manager disappeared after the incident is expected to fly to Japan next week as a witness in the case.

Other artistes who were supposed to fly to Japan included King Michael and Dr Hilderman but they did not due to unknown issues.


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5 thoughts on “City tycoons want to unhook Iryn

  1. It is very bad for her,but it is good that some people are helping her out and what i know the law will take its course,but i pity her if convicted she will serve a jail term.

  2. If found guilty, she must be given a time behind bars. Maybe she thought Japan is like Uganda were she can bribe & roam the streets. They gona nail her ass to the wall. Everybody knows crime doesn’t pay. All those wishing you Jesus are wasting time. No Jesus that side. Be strong & do your time. You are not a lone in this situation & you are not the last.

  3. Let Iryn face the law if she is innocent be st free if found guilty face the law. Period

  4. Ehhh,, what happened to the lady that was caught in Malysia under the same circumstances,??? actually, little was written and no one followed or helped… any news on her???? just asking.

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