Clergy Urge Christians to Observe COVID-19 SOPs, Shun Divisive Politics

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Kabale – Church leaders of Kigezi Sub-region have urged Christians to observe SOPs set by the Ministry of Health to avoid the spread of covid-19 during Christmas and asked them not to engage in divisive politics as ahead of the 2021 polls.

Rt. Rev. Eng. George Bagamuhunda, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Kigezi, appealed to Christians to use the forthcoming general elections to vote for leaders whom they think will support the development of the country.

Bishop Bagamuhunda, Catholic Bishop of Kabale Diocese, appealed to electorates to turn up in big numbers and vote leaders of their choice in efforts to exercise their constitutional right and having a say in the nation’s political future.


He asked Christians to desist from engaging in divisive politics.

Bishop Bagamuhunda further asked religious leaders to be at the forefront of ensuring that the Christians respect the standard operating procedures, aimed at controlling the spread of COVID-19 on Christmas day.

The Bishop of Kabale Catholic Diocese, Rt. Rev. Callistus Rubaramira, while preaching during the Christmas at St Mary’s Cathedral on Rushoroza Hill he rallied Christians to ensure this electoral season does not leave them divided, saying they ought to continue living as brothers and sisters.

Bishop Rubaramira expressed worry that the electorate is being divided by the candidates on religious, ideological and party grounds, which he said is likely to result into permanent enmity even after elections.

Uganda heads to polls to electorate the President and members of Parliament on January, 14th 2021.

Bishop Rubaramira, also implored the Christians to allow Jesus Christ, to be born in their hearts, so that they are able to do away with vices like corruption, deceit, anger, envy and misappropriation, in order to be able to live as brothers and sisters.

Several Christians and place of worship in Kabale Municipality have adhered to the Covid-19 guidelines as they celebrated Christmas.

In September this year, President Yoweri Museveni said that the places of worship should open on condition that there are 70 congregants and observes the Covid-19 guidelines such including social distancing, wearing of face masks, regular washing or sanitizing of hands among others to control the spread of the pandemic. The number was later increased to 200.

Several places of worship in the municipality were observing the guidelines.

At All Saints Church Kabale, the Christians were observing social distancing, compulsory wearing of masks and there was a hand washing facility and a sanitizer at the entrance.

There was also a police officer to measure the temperatures of every Christian and another one to enforce the guidelines.

However, there was no one inside the church to keep ensuring that, the guidelines are followed.

Preaching during the service, the Archdeacon of All Saints Church Kabale, Venerable Gad Akanjuna commended the Christians for following the guidelines.

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