Comedian Paddy Bitama in worrying condition

Mr Paddy Bitama

As you read this, senior comedian Paddy Ssali, call him Paddy Bitama is on his sickbed in a sick bay at his pad in Nansana.

Info reaching this desk is that the former member of the Amarula Family has been bed ridden for the last two months. We are also told that Paddy has been in and out of hospital and Amooti and Messe have been supportive.

Paddy Bitama who started as an MC at the then popular DV 8bar, teamed up with Messe aka Bontwe and Amooti Omubaranguzi to form a comedy group’Amarula family’ and the three also worked together at Dembe FM.

The group later disintegrated when Paddy Bitama used it as a political platform which did please other group members. Political die hard Paddy Bitama was forced to start his own group called ‘Amazon Family’ which did not last for long.

In 2010 after failing to raise academic transcripts to contest as the president of Uganda at Namboole, Paddy joined FDC’s ‘Walk to walk’ later A4C where he swallowed a lot of tear gas.


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  1. May be it is tear gas that has made him sick! These must be chemical weapons! where is ICC?

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