“Confusion brought me love,” Queen Mutesi narrates how she met the Kyabazinga

Jovia said she met Gabula through her brothers, who had known him before, and the two became instant friends and later lovers.

The Inhebantu (Queen) of Busoga Kingdom, Jovia Mutesi, excited guests at her wedding while narrating how she met her husband, William Gabula Nadiope IV, the Kyabazinga.

Mutesi said she was confused about what course she would pursue upon completion of high school studies at Mt. St Mary’s Namagunga.

The gorgeous and soft-spoken Queen said Makerere University had admitted her into the Bachelors of Economics programme, while Nkozi Univeristy had admitted her into a finance and accounting programme.

She said she was confused about what she would pursue but had an interest in finance and accounting, given that most of her family had pursued the same.

In the midst of confusion and trying to make a decision on whether to take up the course or leave the country’s most prestigious university to follow her heart, she met the Busoga King.

Jovia said she met Gabula through her brothers, who had known him before, and the two became instant friends and later lovers.

Isebantu and Inhebantu

She narrates;

“Our guests, in your respective capacities, are very happy to see you.

God is good all the time.

With great joy and in this celebration, allow me to welcome you all here at Igenge Palace.

Today is a special day in the Obwakyabazinga and in our lives because it shows the triumph of our unity, development and culture, looking at how we worked together to pull off this auspicious occasion.

My father talked about my CV but he did not complete it. When I left Namagunga, I went to Makerere and they gave me Economics, but I felt it wasn’t what I wanted to do.

The fact that our family was full of accountants, I wanted to do accounting and Finance.

In that confusion, I got in touch with two of my brothers who had studied in Malaysia; Eric and Bob, who had met the King before me.

I was wondering whom I was going to speak to to shine a light on that matter. Should I go to Nkozi or stay at Makerere?

The two lovebirds treated guests to a night of love

The friend I got and spoke to was the King. He told me that he had studied economics and advised that I should do accounting and finance if that was what I wanted.

I went to Nkonzi, studied and passed and when I did, he called me and thanked me for studying and passing, and that was when he whispered to me.

I thank God for giving me that confusion for if I hadn’t been confused, I would not have met him! That is how I made him my best friend.

After he proposed to me, he decided to go back to school to do his PhD and later I also decided to join him, and currently, I am pursuing my master’s degree in Finance and Accounting.

I want to thank everyone who has supported us, thank you very much. Thanks for this much love.

As we move together, I ask that our unity does not stop at this wedding. I promise to work with brevity as your queen.

I also want to thank the many people who showed us love on the road and the places we passed especially the youths and women we met on our way to Church. You made me lose words this morning, I couldn’t understand it. I thank you for loving me.

I promise to be a good mother to you in a way of organizing you to be a forest of fruits as per our responsibilities

I thank God for this opportunity of this marriage and I thank all of you who contributed to this function.

I want to also thank my family and that of my husband. Thank you for loving me from the day that you set your eyes on me, thank you so much.

Finally, allow me to kneel down and thank Baba for loving me and supporting me up to this date, and for fulfilling everything you promised, I am very grateful.

I promise to not disappoint you. I will make you the happiest man in the world and the Houses in Igenge, Buziga and Budhumbula, we shall fill them all up!”



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