Conman impersonates Bishop Nathan Ahimbisibwe, fleecing victims

The conman impersonated Bishop of South Ankole Rt Rev. Nathan Ahimbisibwe to extort his victims. (FILE PHOTO)

Ntungamo – A man has been arrested in Ntungamo over impersonation, forgery and obtaining money by false pretence.

Denis Muhumuza Byamugisha, aged 26, a resident of Rwentoba in Nyakyera sub-county Ntungamo district, has been arrested In connection with forgery and impersonating as Bishop of South Ankole Rt Rev. Nathan Ahimbisibwe and West Ankole Dioceses Rt.Rev. Johnson Twinomujuni to get a job as a lay leader and to extort money from people.

Muhumuza, who has been a lay leader in North Kigezi Dioceses, has his luck run out last month after his evil acts continued in Nyabiteete Archdeaconry North Kigezi Diocese in Rukungiri diocese when they became suspicious of him they called South Ankole diocese who failed to identify him leading up to his arrest and detention at Rukungiri police station till he was on Monday brought to Ntungamo.

It is alleged that Byamugisha forged release letter in the name of Muhumuza Dennis with a stamp and signature of Diocesan secretary South Ankole Rev Canon Yoram Ntoreine to the bishop of West Ankole seeking seeking to be given a job as a layleader But unfortunately he could not secure job it was then after he wrote another letter to North Kigezi diocese where he later secured a job as a lay reader in Nyabitete archdeconary as a lay leader.

It is alleged that he could not stop from that he started to imitate the voice of Bishop Nathan Ahimbisibwe of South Ankole Diocese and Bishop Johnson Twinomujuni of West Ankole Diocese to obtain help, money from. People .

Rev. Canon Yoram Ntoreine the south Ankole diocesan secretary says that they have getting information of Byamugisha coning Christian’s using his name as well that of Bishop Nathan Ahimbisibwe.

He hailed the leadership of North Diocese for helping them land to such impersonator who has been going fleecing the public .

Rt.Rev. Nathan Ahimbisibwe The Bishop South Ankole Diocese says that Byamugisha has been using his name as well of Bishop Twinomujuni of North Ankole where he could intimate their voices and get money from people as he conned one ugx 800.000 and another ugx 900.000.

Bishop Ahimbisibwe has cautioned the people of God to be vigilant and fight against such people who are using names of church leaders to con people aimed at tarnishing the image of church.

On interrogation Byamugisha accepted to have been doing this saying that he was doing it so that he can get means of survival but he asked to be forgiven.

Damian Katwesiime The Ntungamo district police commander confirms this and says that police has commenced into the investigations.

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