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    1. We don’t archive past issues online. You can come to office and we see how to get you a physical copy

  1. Greetings Redpepper Team,

    Thanks for the news about the Susan Magara suspests’ arrests published in today’s paper (29 March 2018)

    However, I have a few corrections to kindly pass on to you.
    – The suspect’s name is DANIEL MUHANUZI (not Muhanguzi).
    – The picture of the girl next to Dan on page 2 is of MAUDAH KABOYO. Maudah is the daughter of Kaboyo Maxwell David, the former chairman of Hoima Town Council and former contender of the Mayoral seat of Hoima Municipality in 2011.
    Kaboyo David is an uncle to John Magara, making Maudah an Auntie to Susan Magara.

    * To Note:
    Daniel was a major force in the Mayoral campaigns for David Kaboyo David (in 2011) and his son Brian Kaboyo (2016).

  2. Red pepper my child was beaten, raptures eardrum at seeta high, trying court case but not fruitful yet, can you help bring this to light do that other parents out there don’t fall victim!??

  3. Hello,
    I would like to know if you have any updates regarding the former OPM Boss David Asiimwe’s situation.
    You recently covered the story about his “kidnapped”. I kept looking online I could not find anything.
    Any updates would be appreciated.
    Where can I find online coverage on this story?

    1. We didn’t cover the story for online. But the newspaper section reported that he was actually not kidnapped as his family initially feared but under CMI detention. CMI have not given us any updates despite repeated inquiries.

  4. Details here: httpsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss://

  5. Am a veteran writer and Expatriate based in the U.A.E. I would like to add more value to your Newspaper.Please ask Rugyendo to contact me.I urgently need his contact

  6. Hello RedPepper, am a lawyer who is passionate about writing and news reporting, i would wish to volunteer with this precious entity, how can i get on the list of volunteers? Thanks

  7. Am a researcher, who wishes to write articles. how can i work with you guys
    aine james (

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