Cops Implicated in Aiding Kireka Suspects’ Escape Named

Fred Enanga, Police spokesperson

News reaching Red pepper Desk, all the way from  the Special Investigations Division (SID) Kireka, indicates that, two of the police officers who are being accused of neglecting their duties last Saturday that even led to the  escape of five high profile suspects  including; a Rwandan renegade Brigadier, Robert Rutinywa,  have gone missing.
Fred Enanga, Police spokes person
Fred Enanga, Police spokes person
Detective Sergeant, Fred Nuwagaba and Corporal Innocent Mugisha, allegedly fled in thin air when they got information that there was a plot to arrest them over the escape of five high profile suspects from SID cells and up to now, their whereabouts cannot be traced.
Two weeks ago, Brigadier Robert Rutinywa, Robinson Masereka, Reagun Kirunda, Delvin Kahibirwa, and Joseph Masereka, allegedly destroyed the ceiling and the iron sheets, of the bath-room on the cell and later fled to unknown destinationunder unclear circumstances.
Meanwhile, an Assistant Superintendent of Police, Salaama Nyirasafaari,   has joined other senior police officers to be arrested in connection to the suspects’ escape.
According to Police sources, ASP Nyirasafaari, was recently taken to Kira road Police, where he is being detained.
Other Officers detained at Jinja road Police, all attached to the Field Force Unit (FFU) include; Martin Omongin, Martin Cherotich, James Lokut, Henry Etemo, and Jack Abirilega.
According to Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, four of the suspects were on cases related to terrorism while others were on fugitive charges, but efforts have been made to trace for their whereabouts.
Kireka based Special Investigations Division  has been headed by Senior Commissioner of Police, Charles Kataratambi, and is now replaced by the acting commissioner in charge of Homicide, Mark Odongo.
Unlike other suspects, the five escapees are believed to have been among the most protected people in the custody and attending to them, has been restricted to a few officers and upon clearance from the top command.
It is alleged that the Rwanda authorities wanted Gen. Rutinwa expatriated but due to fear that he would be killed, top security decision makers decided to keep him in Uganda alongside one Colonel, and others, who were linked to rebel related cases committed in Rwanda and DRC Congo.
Following the Al-shabab terror attack threats, the former SID Commander, Charles Kataratambi barred all non-staff members from accessing the premises without being screened and cleared first. The place has been restricted to only officers with a warrant card or visitors with visitors’ cards and in unusual style again, he enclosed the whole place with barbed wires to avoid further trespass at SID-Kireka.

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