Councilor Loyda boosts health services in Mbarara,calls for Unity to help Gov’t

 Amos Tayebwa
Leaders and the community especially well wishers  have been appealed to work hand in hand and help the government in service delivering if they wish to developed their communities.
Loyda Twinomujuni Muhimbura ( Gambanokora), a  Councilor representing Rubaya Sub-county in Mbarara District Local Council has generously donated about 16 medical Mattresses to three Health Centre threes in Mbarara District in a way of boosting health services in the District. Among the Health Centres benefited include Kashare Health Centre three, Rubindi health centre three and Kagongi Health Centre three all in Mbarara District.
According to Councilor Loyda, she said that she realised that the most challenging factor which these Health Centres were facing was lack of beddings that include mattresses. She said that some of them had got Beds without mattresses and its hard for government to send mattresses to Health centres.
As a medical person who worked with health sector  for many years before retiring for politics and other businesses, She was touched on the situation when  patients live in these Health Centres which are not fully equipped  with resources. She therefore thought on buying mistresses and donated them to the above mentioned Health Centres.
“In the last few months ago we received beds from the government but were lacking mattresses. This brought me back in days when I was still in service as a medical person we used to have beds which had no mattresses and those beds would still be used by patients, you would see a patient comes with a carer they don’t have anything to use and you see a patient being put on the empty bed, this has forced me and though about such situation, so I had to mobilise some funds to buy mattresses myself and give them to these health centres because I was so touched” said Councilor Loyda.
According to Councilor Loyda she asked other well wishers especially the leaders in Mbarara District to have a spirit of helping government in as far as improving service delivery is concerned especially in health service sector.
“The government is stretched because there are so many health centres in Uganda which need those facilities but then I call up on other leaders especially government workers, politicians to make sure they lobby for those things lacking in these health centres because they are necessary. As we lobby for other sectors let’s continue to lobby for these places where people go to seek for life” she added.
Councilor Loyda is a professional medical personnel who holds masters in public Health which she uses to prevent the transmission of diseases in human beings. She has used her skills to promote health water in Rubaya Sub-county and the entire district of Mbarara. She has created many water sources to ensure that there is health water sources in the communities because it is believed that water is life.
During the donation  of mattresses, Councilor Loyda was accompanied by a number of leaders from various levels of leadership including the fellow District Councilor Bernard Mugume (Ekikondanjojo) representing Kashare Sub-county, secretary for Community Health Services in Mbarara District Council.
Mugume said that is committed to work with people who intend to deliver services regardless of different  political ideologies.  He appealed to the public that they should protect the environment basing on those people who have managed to serve their communities.
“Like today we were in Kashare, Kagongi, and Rubindi Health centemres with  my fellow Councilor Loyda Twinomujuni giving mattresses. I appeal to the public to always support such people as long as they are giving service to people. I don’t support people like those who are there seated waiting for us to support them when actually they have delivered nothing. Me am committed to support a person like Loyda who is concerned about the community and giving service delivery. And no one will threaten me against my position. Stop conflicting with  someone who is ably  working for the people” said Mugume Ekikondanjojo.
Everest Twine the LC3 Chairman Kagongi Sub-county said that people must learn to appreciate when a leader like Loyda is helping the people and the government. He appealed Mbarara District leaders to support Councilor Loyda on the services that is giving to Mbarara. That leaders must work together as team for the development of the communities and avoid conflicting each other.  I must individually appreciate Councilor Loyda for the work she’s doing in Mbarara district and also appreciate other leaders who have tried to give us services and let’s have team work” said Twine.

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