Couple Drags Mulago Hospital to Court Over Missing Baby

Mulago Hospital

A couple has dragged Dr Banterana Byarugaba, the director Mulago National Referral Hospital to court over their missing baby.

Michael Mubangizi alleges that on 14th March last year he took his wife Jennifer Munsimenta at Mulago National Referral Hospital, where she delivered twins.

Mulago Hospital
Mulago Hospital. The Hospital’s director has been sued over a missing baby

Mubangizi claims that he was later notified by the midwife on duty that one of the babies had died shortly after delivery. He however says that when his wife was discharged the next day, they were neither given the body of their baby nor medical report despite the fact that they requested for it.

Mubangizi explains that he filed a case at Mulago police post, but after two days the hospital administration gave them a body of some baby they found in a box. He however, says that a DNA test carried out on the body showed that they were not the biological parents of the deceased.

The couple that is being supported by Human Rights and Development- CEHURD says it has a feeling that their baby is still alive because Mulago hospital has never released a body.

They also claim that the mortuary entries of 14th/ March/2012 do not show any body registered by their names. The couple says their family has suffered mental torture and their right to parenthood and health was violated by the hospital. They are now seeking general damages for Mulago hospital management.

Taddeo Asimwe, the deputy high court registrar has ordered Dr. Byarugaba, the Mulago National Referral hospital and Attorney General as first and second respondents to file their defenses within 15 days.

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4 thoughts on “Couple Drags Mulago Hospital to Court Over Missing Baby

  1. Bravo Mubangizi the DNA tests will nail them. personally I think the whole midwife team should be abandoned these are baby thieves could they also be selling these babies for sacrifices? Why on earth does Mulago always fail to give bodies to the rightful owners?

  2. How much are the midwives paid/ Selling one baby might be enough to pay 4 of them for 5 years.

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