Court Acquits Kutesa,Nasasira & Rukutana Over CHOGM

Rukutana, Kutesa and Nasasira have been acquitted over the CHOGM case

The Anti-Corruption Court today has acquitted Ministers Sam Kutesa, John Nasasira & Mwesigwa Rukutana of causing loss of sh14 billion CHOGM funds.

Judge Paul Mugamba delivered his ruling at 9.00am this morning after the prosecution case against Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa, for Gender John Nasasira and of Labour Mwesigwa Rukutana closed on November 2, after testimonies of 11 witnesses and a written statement of the twelfth witness.

The lawyers defending the three had asked the Court to dismiss the case for lack of evidence. They submitted that the Inspectorate of Government is only using the Ministers as scapegoats for its perceived failures of technical people in Government.

In his ruling today, Judge Mugamba said prosecution failed to produce any evidence to substantiate the allegations, considering that no minutes were presented to justify that indeed a meeting was held. According to the defence lawyers, all prosecution witnesses including the IGG’s lead investigator on the case, denied knowledge of the Ministers’ wrong doing or any loss occasioned by them.

The IGG’s Director of Legal Affairs, Sydney Asubo, prosecuted the case under direction of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). Dr. Joseph Byamugisha, Didas Nkurunziza and Oscar Kambona defended the ministers.


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13 thoughts on “Court Acquits Kutesa,Nasasira & Rukutana Over CHOGM

  1. their conscience may be clear but they are not innocent and one day they will pay or even their children, what about that?

  2. why didnt government lawyers see this in the first place than going forward and waste more tax payers money in the suit!?

  3. That is ok but the court of public opinion still convicts and sentences you all to total disgrace and shame. You can be re-appointed ministers…more donor funds are available.

  4. Can you image the smiles on their faces when mothers are dying due to poor maternity services countrywide?!

    May God deliver us from this.

  5. why are they wasting more tax payers’ money taking these guys to court. i have not heard any one who has paid the money back. all they do is tell us they are innocent.

  6. Ugandans forget very remind those u have forgotten,museveni son,muhoozi,marry kutesa’s daughter,so museveni calls kutesa,brother in law,ant traditionally,it museveni to pay more allegance to kutesa,bse he gave them awife.who do think command muhoozi? The answer is,the she can not let museveni jail his father.if he had risked,charlott.would put pressure on muhoozi,to over throw museveni,so that the father gets out jail,museveni to exile,if not preventive house arrest.fellow ugandans,should wake up. The leaders govern this nation on family-friendly enterprise.if sing to their tunes,it wont be long,for u to regret.dont think,muntus,besinges,musega,ruzinda,etc were stupid,if cant change your mind set,about the trend,on how national issues are handled ,dont say,ididnt warn u.

  7. Why do these puppet judges waste peoples’ time next time just dismiss the cases instead of pretending and acting. You bring shame to the law fraternity

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