Court Bans ‘Yoga Yoga’ Song

Kaweesa in red shirt during the launch of Yoga Yoga song

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Kaweesa in red shirt during the launch of Yoga Yoga song

A new twist has emerged in the bitter row between Tusker Project Fame winner Esther Nabaasa and Richard Kaweesa over the rights to ‘Yoga Yoga’, the official 50years Independence song.

Reliable info reaching our desk shows that the Commercial court presided over by Justice Wilson Musalu ordered that the song shouldn’t be played or used in any form until the two parties in the dispute come to an agreement. “Honorable Justice Wilson Musalu of the Commercial Court put this order on Tuesday. And if the two rivaling parties don’t agree, then the ban will stand until the court decides” a snoop revealed.

Snoops have further learnt that Musalu asked the defendant in this case Richard Kaweesa to present all the documents regarding the contracts made between his Spirit of Africa Limited and Esther.


“Justice Musalu also requested that Kaweesa presents all the documents and receipts showing money his company has received since the song was officially released. It is after satisfying all these procedures that the song will be allowed for use again” a snoop adds.
This comes just a week after we had revealed how Esther had dragged Kaweesa to courts of law citing copyright infringement of ‘Yoga Yoga’.

Through her lawyers, Karuhanga, Tabaro & Associates, in a letter dated September 14 2012, Esther wanted to set the record straight on who owns what shares on the 50 year Anniversary theme song.

In a letter we landed on which partly read that; “Re: Copyright Infringement of Yoga Yoga. The above subject refers. We act for and on behalf of Esther Nabaasa & Mugisha Micheal, on whose instructions we address you as hereunder. Our clients are a part of the Yoga Yoga’ Uganda team and have got urgent and pertinent issues that require your immediate attention and action. They feel certain issues that ought to have been dealt with from the start by you are not being addressed to their satisfaction. In this regard, we write to bring our clients concerns to your attention as hereunder…”

The letter also touched greatly on Esther and hubby’s economic rights and who owns what shares of the song. It also stated that proceeds accrued from such contracts, Spirit of Africa Ltd, as the Managing entity will be entitled to 10% of the proceeds, Richard Kaweesa was entitled to 31.6%, Ms. Nabasaa 31.696, Mr. Mugisha 31.6% and Mr. Ruyonga 6%.
Esther has been accusing Kaweesa of trying to steal her thunder by claiming he is the sole owner of the now popular 50th Independence Anniversary song. Watch this space!













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4 thoughts on “Court Bans ‘Yoga Yoga’ Song

  1. Lets assume Nabaasa and her husband Mugisha composed the words, and also participated in the singing.
    What makes this song good or great? is it the words or the tune/rythm/beat? Its the beat/tune. The words are hardly understood by Ugandans. The word composition is not a master peace. Its the tune/beat.

    When you listen, compare and contrast Kawesa & Nabaasa’s past compositions, Yoga Yoga is 100% Kaweesa’s in beat/tune. His style of music is unique in Uganda. Its the type of yousou Ndow, Baba Mal, Greenland etc. Its the Lion King type of music. Nabaasa should back off, get what she’s supposed to get as words composer plus shared singing. Her English words didnt make it a master peace. Kaweesa’s style made it a master peace.

    1. Listen to Kaweesa’s songs “Tusonge” and Miss Uganda. Yoga Yoga is 70% of those tunes. Nabaasa’s past song dont even come in this category.

    2. let,the composer her get share because in future kaweesa is going claim his.the future should know that keep an eye on him.

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