COVID-19: Six checkpoints equipped to test Truckdrivers in West Nile

Hon. Joyce Moriku Kaducu, inspecting COVID-19 checkpoint at Nwoya district.

Nwoya – In a bide to flash out incursion of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic in the country, Uganda government has equipped six points to check travellers in and out of West Nile region.

The state Minster of Heath for Primary Health Care, Hon. Joyce Moriku Kaducu and leaders the respective districts, this week, visited the six check points to conduct needs assessment and deliver equipment.

“I have successful completed my supportive border visit, together with commissioner of health services, Mr. Aliti Tom” the minister States in her communication to the Red Pepper.

Hon. Moriku lists Pakwach, Goli, Pages, Vura, Oraba and Afogi check points as those she visited.

She notes that entry and exit routes required adequate equipment for tight scrutiny of travellers, in order to prevent the transportation of COVID-19 pandemic into the country.

“Together with district taskforce, we were able to deliver disinfectants, infrared thermometers, liquid soap, protective wears among others, to aid screening and testing activities, especially, of truck drivers” the minister explains.

She says the delivery of the equipment followed discovery by her team with the district taskforce that the check points had some gaps that needed to be filled.

“Some of the gaps have now been filled while others will be tackled with time” Hon. Moriku notes.

The minister, who in her previous working visit to West Nile region was moved on noticing health workers in Nwoya and Afogi check points on duty without adequate protection.

“I noticed on my previous journey to West Nile that health workers in Nwoya and Afogi were at risk of inadequate protection. This must be addressed” she posts to the Red Pepper.

It was this discovery of Health worker being exposed to risks at check points that likely formed the basis of the minister’s further making trips to other areas to address their concerns at the same time.

Satisfied with her trip, the state minister for Primary Health Care expressed appreciation the combined efforts of the team making her work a success.

“I would like thank the health workers, migration officers, Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) officers, Uganda Peoples Defense Force (UPDF), Uganda Police, surveillance teams, and district leaders headed by the Resident District Commissioners” Hon. Moriku expresses.

She terms the struggle against COVID-19 pandemic in districts of Moyo, Pakwach, Nebbi, Zombo, Arua and Koboko, as significant.

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