AIGP Asan Kasingye

Kampala — Late last month, Assistant Inspector of Police (AIGP) Asan Kasingye revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19.

The Police boss confirmed the news on his personal Twitter handle on August 24.

“BAD NEWS!! I’AM #COVID19 POSITIVE,” he tweeted.

The recovering Police boss has on Wednesday September 2 shared an insight on the novel corona-virus and urged the public to remain vigilant.

Below are some of the excerpts from his deliberations.


Don’t trust anyone to loosen your guard. Actually, you should politely tell anyone in your presence to keep their mask on.

Ensure that it’s properly done. The nose must never be exposed. Even in office while alone. Keep it on. You never know you can touch surfaces and then your mouth or nose.

Find any excuse to go to the wash rooms and wash your hands and arms. Yes, arms. Remember, some people scratch them, some put a little saliva 😂. Yes, you can sanitize. However, you can only trust water & soap. Isn’t it?

This is all I can do in the circumstances. Covid-19 is so painful. So painful. It puts your chest on fire.

That means your lungs become fragile. They suck in droplets of water, a situation that makes them less effective & vulnerable.

Let me be the last officer to experience it. I promise, I will place the rest of my active career on sensitizing colleagues against it.

I wish you well & thank you for the great service to Ugandans overall odds.


About Author: AIGP Asan Kasingye is the chief political commissar of Uganda Police Force. He is a down-to-earth man with a free spirit.

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