Crest Foam Bosses Face Jail Over Torched Workers

Eng Hillary Onek the minister for Relief and Disaster preparedness has ordered boss of Crest Foam industries to report and record a statement at police following the death of six workers in yesterday’s inferno at the Ntinda based factory.


Minister Onek wants the management to explain to police how the fire broke out and the management’s failure to understand that mattresses are bi-products of petroleum thus allowing welding to take place inside the building

According to Hassan Kihanda the deputy director fire and rescue services, they have partially found out that fire started from the sparks by the welders who were welding a wire mesh that holds mattresses in the stores.

Onek said management failed to consider the lives of their workers and have been operating on wrong architectural plan which was not approved by the ministry and said that government will follow them up.


Alex Asiimwe from the ministry of Relief and Disaster management said that the architectural plan of the factory was not approved by the commissioner and that they had no enough fire response systems like security alarms and fire extinguishers.

Police said those who died in the inferno were later found at the end of the building and said they died due to lack of oxygen and were burnt beyond recognition.

Barigye Godfrey one of the survivors told Red Pepper online that the fire broke out at around 10am in the morning when they were having breakfast.


Barigye revealed that after fire gutted the stores, they started to flee the building but the managers ordered them not to leave and told them to remain but they had to runaway for their dear lives.

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