CRIME: Notorious Car Thieves’ Gang Busted

ARRESTED: Ssekabira Sam one of the suspects

Mukono | RedPepper Digital – Police has nabbed a notorious car theft gang with cells in Mukono District, Eastern Kampala. The gang’s luck ran out last week while trying to sell 12 stolen cars in Tororo town of northeastern Uganda.

According to a statement from police, the gang of three confessed to having stolen the cars from Mukono.

The suspects who have been identified as Sam Ssekabira, Brian Ssetwala and Lameck Okino are all residents of the Bukerere zone, Bukerere ward, and Goma division in Mukono district.

The cars include two Wish make registration numbers UBB 836, UBD 190Y both sky blue in colour; Mark X UAM 580S grey in colour; a Probox registration number UAY 027F grey in colour; a Premio silver registration number UAR 268Q, UBB 061H; Saloon car Noah blue in colour with registration number UBB 391W; a Premio grey in colour with registration number UAU 975B grey in colour; UAW 627C Hiace, a UAS 635Q; and a Noah car registration number UBD 391W sky blue all Toyota brands.

These were reportedly stolen from a school yard in Namilyango in Goma division Mukono district in the period of
January to August 2021.

According to police, investigations are ongoing under case files 03/05/01/2021 and CRB 583/02 at Seeta-Mukono and CRB 583/02 and Tororo police stations respectively.

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