Curvy Winnie Nwagi Searching for Dream Man To Drill Her Oil Wells

Winnie Nwagi is arguably one of the most lusted after babes on two female legs in the city thanks to her curvaceous body and other temperature raising ‘assets’.

SEARCHING; Winnie Nwagi
SEARCHING; Winnie Nwagi

Gorgeous Swangz Avenue songbird seems to know this fact and has made her stand clear regarding who she lets in to her thighs…err heart.

The incredibly curvy ‘Musawo’ singer, a few days back revealed that she is searching for that special someone to warm her cold nights and drill her oil wells satisfactorily.

However, Winnie will not let any man into her life especially those who criticize her life choice of becoming a musician by attempting to change her.

According to Winnie, any man that deems themselves worth of her love and affection must love her the way she is; with all her flaws as she will not stand a man that is not supportive of her career as a singer.

Winnie Nwaagi
Winnie Nwaagi

“I want a man that will appreciate me and accept me the way I am. He should also be ready to accept my career and my daughter” Winnie says.

It should be noted that Winnie has a daughter and has been a single mother for a few years.


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