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Amos Tayebwa

Mbarara: There is trouble with Post Bank as it is facing accusation of attempting to steal one of the client’s Land in Rushare, Mabare in Sheema District.

According to the sources, Post Bank and other two, Joab Nuwasasira Mayite Business Auctioneers and Michael Agaba Bwana were all dragged to court by one Pascal Nomanya, client to Post bank who accuses the three respondents for trying to steal his 7.2 acres land.


This matter has been in the High court of Mbarara since 23/10/2022 when the complainant (Nomanya) opened the case in court against the trio. According to the information, Nomanya acquired a loan of 55M from Post Bank on 09/10/2021 which he had not completely paid.

Nomanya says that before he had finished paying his loan, on 15/10/2022, he received 50M on his account which he had no idea about and when he cross checked with the Bank statement the money was deposited by Michael Bwana.

On 17th October 2022, Nomanya received a document showing ownership of that land by Michael Bwana as the purchaser. It is alleged that Bwana claimed that he bought that land through Mayite Business Auctioneers on the authority of Post Bank.

It is alleged that on 22nd October 2023, a suspected team of security officials on orders of Bwana stormed the land and arrested Nomanya’s worker and they also fenced the land. He was chased away from his land and his home. On the next day Nomanya opened the case in court.

Nomanya says that when the 50M was deposited on his account, after a few days it was again cut from the account in a way of paying his loan and only 3M was left on his account, something he termed as a fraud.

Nomanya says that he paid about 27,720,000=  as part of his loan and he still had almost 1 year ahead  to clear his loan of 55M. That he was able to clear the balance if those land sagas didn’t come in.

According to Nomanya, he has also reported this matter to different authorities including the RDC of Sheema District, the District Chairman and the DPC but there was no response for help from them. He adds that when reported this matter to the Post Bank Mbarara Branch he was referred to the   Head Offices in Kampala. When he reached there, they disowned this act that they were not aware of selling his land, that this could have been done by an individual, they only forwarded him to go to court to resolve his matter.

On Nov 14th 2023 Nomanya was in court in Mbarara but the judge wasn’t there and he noted that his  file was  sent to Bushenyi High Court. His file was missing from 14th November until yesterday 19th November when it was recovered from Bushenyi High Court.

According to Nomanya his land is valued at 2bn, which has Banana plantations on 7 acres that harvest 900 matooke per month.

He has accused the Leadership of Sheema District for becoming adamant on his case, that the Leaders have not helped him in sorting out his matters.

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