Defiance at Apex as FDC officials Fire Besigye Government

Defiance at Apex as FDC officials Fire Besigye Government

By Serestino Tusingwire

Forum for Democratic Change strongholds have continued to show their defiance to Besigye’s proposed actions that he thinks could earn him the presidential seat.

Following Abdul Kantuntu’s assertion that he is not part of the Besigye’s defiance campaign, the Kampala Woman MP, Nabilah Naggayi Sempala became a second member to distance herself from such moves.

Besigye, in a presser on Monday announced a move to establish the so-called “People’s Government Network” that he wants to start from the ground level countrywide.

“Become part of the People’s Government Network in your area. We are establishing the people’s government networks countrywide,” Besigye said.

Naggayi opposed the initiative saying the unilateral move by Besigye without consulting party leadership on the decision to set up the government network shows a disregard for party structures, which reflects negatively on the credibility of FDC.

“We do not want people to take us as unserious. I don’t believe in chaos, I believe in organized institutional civic actions,” Naggayi said.

However, FDC spokesperson Ibrahim Semujju Nganda refuted the claim saying that the ‘Peoples Government Network’ was an action agreed upon by the party though not officially sanctioned by the party leadership.

“People’s government is part of a wider civic action that we accepted to take as a party,” Semujju said.

He also added that the party was using the small opportunities available to them to cause change in the country.

FDC is at the centre of a leadership question as MPs like Naggayi ask whether the party leadership has been surrendered to actions of civil disobedience instead of building structures.

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