Diageo One App: Uganda Breweries rewards 502 Stockists & Retailers in Loyalty programs

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By Moses Oketayot

Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) has rewarded 502 stockists and retailers under the Diageo One App’s loyalty programs. They were awarded in form of different UBL products such as beer, and spirits among others for embracing the app and using it while purchasing different UBL products.

During the event at UBL in Luzira on 20th September 2022 Pamela Bayenda, the E-Commerce Channels Manager at UBL, the stockists, and retailers had accumulated loyalty points awarded to them through transactions via Diageo One App.


“We are overwhelmed by the performance of the loyalty programs. When you purchase using the Diageo One App, you get some points that accumulate over some time. The people we are rewarding today are those who are 502, and they are represented by these top 10 that you are seeing here,” she stated.

Bayenda added that the monetary value for rewards is shs155m and it is for the first phase for three weeks ordering period that started from 7th to 23rd August 2022.

She said that the awarded stockists and retailers include Praise Distributors, CK and CO ltd Wandegeya, Tools Box Solutions also known as Kyadondo Rugby Club, Cielo Lounge, and Serena Hotel among others.

“I encourage customers, to download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store and trade using Diageo One APP. It is easier and simpler to use. There are so many promotions that are on the app that customers can take advantage of, product lessons, and information on the app; we shall be posting training on better business practices on the app,” she said.

Bayenda also noted that with the app in place, customers will no longer be cheated on the product prices.

“Somehow, these customers are given a price that is too high yet for us we are saying, find the right price. On the app, when you are buying, it tells you the right price which is the price we have decided.”

Daniel Kalungi, the UBL Division Sales Manager, Kampala explained that with Diageo App, the customers purchase products and have them delivered without the extra hustle.

“We appreciate all those who have embraced the app and encourage more to come on board. The app is user-friendly and carefully designed and you can find any product with ease. For retailers, the application allows their businesses to operate at maximum without waiting for the daily or weekly distributor truck to buy UBL products,” he stated.

One of the retailers awarded, Maate Samwanza, the Director of Silverback Lounge Makindye said: “Since we started our operations as Silverback, we have been using the app in terms of setting up orders. We have been able to get our orders delivered in time and the good thing with the app is that you can order from wherever you are.”

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