Didier Dishes Out £800,000 Bling

Didier Drogba has given his old Chelsea team-mates rings worth in excess of £800,000.

Didier Drogba has given his old Chelsea team-mates rings worth in excess of £800,000.

Didier Drogba has given his old Chelsea team-mates rings worth in excess of £800,000.

The Blues legend handed out the jewellery to commemorate their Champions League triumph in May.

But Fernando Torres and sacked boss Roberto Di Matteo were no-shows for the Chelsea Harbour Hotel event hosted by Drogba.

The gold rings were specially designed with diamonds and sapphires.

Every player’s name and squad number was also inscribed, along with the date they defeated Bayern Munich and the score.

Skipper John Terry, who was suspended for the final, attended along with Paulo Ferreira, Daniel Sturridge, Ryan Bertrand, David Luiz, Ashley Cole and Branislav Ivanovic.

Drogba said, “I am very proud of what the club achieved that night and wanted to give something to the team so we can all look back and remember that moment.”


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7 thoughts on “Didier Dishes Out £800,000 Bling

  1. This young man is immensely rich. It is good to show his love for the club. He did not leave out of disgust but just for a change of environment.

  2. we are all free to spend our money as we wish. talk about giving to those who can actually afford it. just wondering how much difference that much money would have done back home in Ivory coast like Diouf has done in Senegal. just thinking

    1. He was supposed to donate that money to the poor in his country instead of giving to club which is already rich.He will not be recognized because the club has more than what he has given so they are not shaken by that ring since it can not be shared among-est players.

    2. Skipper,
      Didier built a state-of-the-art heart hospital in Cote D’ivoire…. and yeah, he loves his former team-mates that much…

  3. Africans are greatly wasting quid wouldn’t a kids Hospital in Ivory coast make more sense…

    1. It’s amazing how people feel disgusted by someone spending their own money. You should all worry about your governments and their high levels of corruption. And like Patriot said, the man has built a state of the art hospital already in Cote D’ivoire and have you even heard of the Didier Drogba Foundation? What more could a people ever want from a son. What you need to do Ahmed is Pay your taxes and hold your government accountable. . . for God’s sake stop whining !

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