Dismiss Security Personnel Implicated in Thuggery- Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has assured Chinese investors of improved security after meeting their Ambassador H.E Zheng Zhu Quiang at State House Entebbe.

Recently thugs attacked Chinese investors in a coordinated manner taking away millions of shillings. Some thugs send letters demanding for money.

In light of recent attacks on investors and threatening messages sent out to them, President Museveni reiterated the commitment of government and self to defeat these thugs that are trying to undermine our economic progress.

The meeting with the Chinese Ambassador was also attended by heads of security agencies.

“I have directed the Chief of Defence Forces and the Inspector General of Police to take lead in this matter.
We shall have joint coordination councils between the investors and security forces to find a localized and non-political solution for these concerns”.

In industrial parks, we shall deploy at least 12 armed personnel with a car to patrol the area and be able to respond in a timely manner in case of any disturbances, whereas we shall deploy 4 armed personnel at premises that are outside industrial Parks.

The security personnel implicated in connivance with these wrong elements must be dismissed with Immediate effect.

In the meantime, I assure Ugandans, our friends and investors that this shallow issue of urban crime is only temporary and will be defeated since in addition to these measures, we beefed up our surveillance capacity with cameras.

However, most Ugandans feel the President needs to crack a big whip. Forexample, a Cabinet Minister sons are battling Chinese in court over billions. The sons of this Minister accessed shs 9 billions from a court account belonging to Chinese.

Jackson Musiime says President Museveni should first point at his cabinet Ministers who are anti Chinese.

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