COVID-19: Distressed District leaders cry out as Truck Drivers Invade Moyo Town for Sex

Truck drivers stops at Nyoro trading center to buy soda after washing his hands before entering the shop. (Courtesy PHOTO)

Moyo – District COVID-19 taskforce is overwhelmed with the burden of containing truck drivers belonging to World Food Programme (WFP), transporting food to Palorinya Refugee camp who habitually sneak out to town for sex.

The Resident District Commissioners (RDC), Labeja Bob William is one of the most troubled individuals among members of the Taskforce he chairs, over the sex maniac drivers.

“Our efforts to fight the pandemic is frustrated by truck drivers of the World Food Programme. We try our best to keep them at the base camp to restrict them from mixing up with other people in the prevention of the spread of Coronavirus, but these people always go out at wee hours of the night for women”, RDC. Labeja told Red Pepper, during a telephone interview on Sunday.

He said the women also claim the drivers are their husbands, when asked by Local councils within the town and the suburbs.

“The difficult aspect is that when area LCs intervene, the women defend the truck drivers claiming they were their husbands” he said.

The RDC observes its hard winning an argument with single mothers over who their real husband is.

‘Even if you know that she doesn’t have husband but because these are single mothers, its hard to win an argument over a man who comes to her today and anther tomorrow. The men will always be the father of so and so, depending on the number of the children under her care” Labeja lamented.

He says, the district task force can’t give up with the endeavours of handling the matter but will do it’s best in collaboration with the Camp Commandant who equally is a member of the task force, to devise ways of bringing the sex pests under control.

He says, the district taskforce can’t give up with the endeavours of handling the matter but will do it’s best in collaboration with the Camp Commandant who equally is a member of the taskforce, to devise ways of bringing the sex pests under control.

Red Pepper could not verify this information an independent source from the refugee camp.

Other drivers proving to br headache to Moyo district COVID-19 taskforce, are those traveling to South Sudan via Kaji-keji.

According to the RDC, delays in clearances of goods at the custms offer a chance for the drivers to seek for women in town, against presidential directive that restrict their movements to prevent COVID-19 pandemic spread.

The RDC views the acts of the truck drivers as jeopadising efforts of the taskforce in ensuring the district remains free of Corona virus infections.

In a related scenario, a security officer in Nyadri Sub County of Maracha district, where the highway from Mombasa in Kenya passes through to Cairo in Egypt passes, is worried over frequent stopages of heavy trucks along the road.

Mr. Abiyo Maxwell, an internal security officer in the area calls for community awareness to protect the locals from infection and avoid xenoforbia against the drivers.

“we need to educate our people who are selling fresh fruits like jack fruit by the roadside, not to avoid hand washing with soap and telling visitors, especially truck drivers to do the same” Abiyo remarked during the Sub Countyy COVID-19 taskforce meeting on Friday.

He notes Truck drivers touch jackfruit to check if it is ripe or not. This is a recipe for an individual to transfer Coronavirus to another person.

On another view, Abiyo Says the negative talks risks inciting the community against the truck drivers.

He mentioned places like Moigadri, Koyi, Ovujo, Nyoro, Oleba trading centers and Maracha town council, in the district where truck drivers usually park either to buy fruits, rest, refreshment of repair their vehicles.

“These drivers, whether from Kenya, Tanzania or any other country, are providing vital service and should be protected against any attack from the community” he noted.

Truck drivers, all over the country, are looked at as objects of COVID-19 pandemic transmission, who do not deserve any sympathy. This is a state which could easily culminate into attacks.

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