District leaders oppose annexation of Bubare, Nyamweru as Kabale moves for city status

RUBANDA _ A section of Rubanda district leaders has opposed the district’s council’s resolution of approving the annexation of Bubare Sub County and three parishes of Nyamweru to Kabale local government as Kabale municipality prepares for city status.

Rubanda district council on Monday passed the motion for the annexation of Bubare Sub County and three parishes of Nyamweru Sub County to Kabale district local government for the expansion of Kabale Municipality that was recently elevated to city status by parliament.

Henry Ariganyira Musasizi the Rubanda East MP says that what the district council did is irregular as they never followed the laws saying that when parliament was passing the motion of creation of new cities other cities their boundaries were defined but for kabale and others that will start in 2023 the boundaries will be defined after making consultations .

Musasizi, Chairperson of the Parliament Finance Committee, revealed that they were in the concession as leaders of the greater Kabale and go on the ground and consult leaders and opinion leaders on issues of the city,

He revealed that the ministry of local government made a study and will hold a stakeholders meeting and decide on the boundaries.

He rubbished Rubanda council’s decision affirming that they did not have the authority to decide on the fate of areas to be annexed.

“I don’t know why they are rushing to do what they are doing as it’s still early the city is to begin in 2023 even the ministry of local government has not even written to affected areas so that they start preparations ,we need time to consult the people what susprise you these people never even consulted the leaders like the local III chaipersons,councillors of Nyamweru and Bubaare sub counties “. Musasizi said.

He also said that the mandate of alternating boundaries of constituencies and districts is for parliament not the local councils saying in the annexation that us to take place their is to be alternation of boundaries of rubanda east and kabale municplaity as well of Nyanweru sub county where The parishes of Nangara,Bwayu and Bigungiro are to cut from Nyamweru sub county to remain with Kakyenaga,Kyokyezo and Nyanweru parishes.

Pius Tumwine the Bubaare sub county LCIII chaiperson says that he was suprised of the move by the district council to annex them to kabale district local government as they were not of know.

David Twinobusingye Karindugu the Nyamweru sub county LCIII chairperson said that the district leaadership never consulted them as the sub county leadership as he just got the annexation of the three parishes from the district counclilor as they were not aware.

Kenneth Jogo Biryabarema the Rubanda LC5 boss says that when the 22 parishes go to Kabale district local government they will go as a division meaning it will be an independent constituency unlike what the MPs had wanted that the two sub-counties go and join Kabale municipality as wards, he says that if Kabale district doesn’t follow that they are ready to rescind their decision and return them back to Rubanda.

Biryabarema says they presented the motion after 2016 sections of people from the 22 parishes petitioned that they want to join Kabale district led by one Caleb Turyamutunga as they saw no need of keeping people who say they no longer want to be in Rubanda so when there came a need for a city they decided to annex the two sub-counties.

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