DistroBuddy is a reliable, and convenient music distribution company. Currently established in Kampala, our main mission is to empower independent music creators in Uganda and East Africa to monetize and expand their musical works globally. We distribute music online to more than 100 well-known music stores such as Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, etc, plus social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and many more.

Some of the best music we love and enjoy comes from our very own local musicians here however, due to the lack of a truly Independent, and reliable music distribution company that services, supports, and educates musicians on their rights, efficient promotional strategies and ways to generate income from their music has substantially slowed down the growth of African music on a global scale. Even through financial struggles, many artists still persevere in creating good music for us that has become a huge part of our daily lives. Therefore, it is a highly advisable practice for music creators to distribute and monetize their music globally in order to profit from it most especially during such uncertain times like the Covid-19 pandemic where artists are prohibited from hosting crowds which used to be one of the major income streams for artists, as well as sensitize more music listeners of the need to adopt ways of listening to music that support the content creators so they can start putting money back into their wallets.

Compared with most music distributors, our quick response support, flexible payment modes, and extremely low minimum withdrawal limit create incredible convenience for independent artists to obtain immediate support and access to funds in the shortest possible time. Since PayPal is not available in East Africa, DistroBuddy accepts and pays out payments through Airtel and MTN Mobile Money (Only for East African Musicians and Artists).

Reviewing our services on your blog will go a long way in supporting this cause so that more local artists can gain global exposure, and hopefully inspire more music listeners in Africa to adopt online streaming as the best way of listening to music that supports an artist’s career.
Below is a weblink and email to DistroBuddy Music Distribution Platform

Web: https://www.distrobuddy.com
Email: info@distrobuddy.com

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