DIVINE INTERVENTION: Zari Turns To The Almighty

Zari Hassan

Zari gets ready to release the balloon

Socialite Zari Hassan has turned to the Almighty Lord for intercession in a bid to end her recent marital problems. Snoops can reliable reveal that the self styled Boss Lady has for the past weeks been making frequent visits to the prayer mountain for late over night prayers. “She has been visiting prayer mountain in Cape Town South Africa for prayers. And she knows she can only find solace of her recent troubles in the Lord” a very close pal revealed.

And going by her recent Facebook posts, don’t be shocked if one of these days she starts her own church.
Some of the posts partly reads that; “So delighted in Gods’ presence. Blessed are those who believe in him.”
Other posts read that; “Worship the Lord with gladness for he made us and we are his people. Give thanks to him and praise his name for the Lord is good and endures forever…..Amen!

He is my comforter, my joy, my happiness, my shelter, my true love, my provider, my honest friend…he has taught me how to love and forgive and with him, life is filled with so much grace, peace and abundance. No babe it’s not you, it’s my redeemer, my savior, my God.”
In one of the pictures we landed on, Zari is spotted with several hundreds of believers. And as a practice everyone is given a balloon where they write their problems and what they wish the Lord to do for them. The balloons are then released into space. Apparently, after confiding in the Almighty, Zari went straight to her Facebook page to inform her pals that; “Prayers go up, blessings come down. So glad I found my spot with you. I love you, love you lovevvveeeeee JESUS. Amen# No stress!”
“This is a big contrast from past months when she used to inform her fans about the latest ride she has bought, which Club she would be staging her next big party among others. She is indeed changing” a snoop concluded.
Watch this space!

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