Kampala – As the lockdown takes as new twist littered with the curfew, some individuals won’t let their fellow citizens prosper! Omwavu tajja’kufa yarabi!, Our Reporter intimates.

Most people are going the extra mile to do the unthinkable for the views and likes to entertain people during quarantine to spare them Okwetsyamura fwaa and take away their boredom.

The latest being videos of a one naked sexy Nampeera Christine, a resident of Bukoto, a Kampala suburb, who jas jammed (read refused) to let rayiifu (read life) pass by. With the aid of a smartphone, bootylicious kyane filmed herself naked taking a bath. The boldness babuwe!

Her videos have been circulating since Monday, March 30, on different WhatsApp groups. According to a close source, they believe her ex-boyfriend whom she had dated for some time might have released the videos since they broke up but information circulating also states that the sexy babe released the videos herself with the purpose of becoming a celebrity

Sources close to the victim reveal that Nampeera Christine is a first-year student at Ndejje University pursuing a Bachelors degree in Information Technology. Startlingly, she is also a young sister to one of the famous top Dj’s, Dj Roja, who is part of the fantastic four of the NBS after five.

Nampeera is an old student of Seeta High School Main campus where she was a club overseer honourable and was famous and known for her well-shaped body and sexy bootylicious body.

It has also been discovered that she was later expelled from the school for examination malpractice which is a grave crime in the school.

She later joined Naalya senior secondary school main campus where she was known for being in dark corners.

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